I would like to know, or at least have you think about, who is looking out for your best interests? Who is making sure you get enough sleep? Eat the right foods? Exercise enough? Who is making sure you have some “me” time. Time that is devoted just for YOU.

It might seem noble or even unselfish to 100% of the time be pleasing everyone else, but that can last only so long before you start to breakdown, resent certain people, me-timefeel like you are a shell of your former self, become sick, gain weight, and lose the edge that you once had. The magic starts when you realize that it starts with you. That YOU have to make sure that YOU have time to relax, and do things that make you happy. These little bursts of “me time” will transfer over into all other areas of your life and those around you will greatly benefit.

It isn’t selfish to do so, it is SELF-LESS. Make it a priority.

This message is just as important for me than it is for you. The days when I just feel blah or sad for no apparent reason are the days that I haven’t had enough sleep or been a few days since I had a good sweat from exercise. Naps and workouts are the best drug I could ever take.