Losing weight…

There aren’t many other topics of discussion that come up more in our society than weight loss. For some, the motivation to lose weight comes from a desire to look better, feel more attractive to their significant other and to wear clothes that fit better. Others want to lose weight so they can more fully enjoy their old age and add quality years to their life. Many moms want to lose weight and live a healthy life style so they can be healthy role models for their kids. They want to help their kids avoid the pain and struggle that can come with being overweight. Some people want to lose weight to so they have more energy, vitality and better health. And this list of reasons to lose weight goes on and on…

Many experts will say that weight loss is just a calorie balance issue -you simply have to eat less and exercise more and you will lose weight. At Fit Moms Transformation Center and specifically in our Killer Kurves program, we know that the above advice is just the tip of the weight loss iceberg. We know that weight loss is a personal, complicated issue that has many different dimensions. Under the surface of weight loss lies many issues: food addictions, social pressure, low self-esteem, feelings of unworthiness, lack of nutrition knowledge, unsupportive friends and family, hormonal issues… the list goes on and on.

A weight loss program that only advises you to eat less and exercise more is like teaching someone to play chess by only showing them how the pawns move across the board. This is an incomplete picture of the weight loss journey and is setting someone up for failure even before they have started. We try to address a variety of weight-loss issues in all of our Transformation Center programs, but we have 3 programs that really go deep into weight-loss:

  •  Killer Kurves
  •  Fit Moms For Life 6 Week Challenges (a home based DVD program that combines with weekly in person group meetings)
  •  Private personal training sessions

Killer_KurvesBefore I officially launch the sign ups for our new Killer Kurve sessions and FM4L 6 Week Challenges, I want to give you a challenge that will help you find the motivation you may need to get started/re-started on your weight loss journey. Get out a strong, sturdy backpack and fill it with books, weights, bags of salt, or whatever else you can find to make this backpack equal to the amount of weight you want to lose. Ideally, you wear this pack for an entire day. Be aware of how your back, knees, hips, and joints feel. Think about how your energy level is affected by hauling this backpack around all day.

The Biggest Loser participants are asked to do this every season because this simple exercise has been a very powerful motivator for many people. The instant, extra weight helps you become conscious of what your extra weight has done to you over the years.

If you are in Madison, looking to lose weight and ready to become part of a close knit group that will have your back and really “get” you, I encourage you to check out our Killer Kurves program which begins the final day of March. This is a 12 week program for those who have a BMI of 30 or above. Click here to learn more and to reserve your spot.

Killer Kurves has over a 90% success rate of weight loss, with almost two dozen people losing over 50 lbs this past year alone. You don’t need to take my word for it, though – click here to watch a short inspiring video and check out what people just like you are saying about Killer Kurves.

Also, our next FM4L 6 Week Challenge is starting locally and nationally in a couple weeks. Click here to learn more about the program and to sign up. We will be having an intro party in Madison WI at 6:30 pm on Sunday March 23rd at the Fit Moms Transformation CenterWe have had 500 women from almost every state go through our 6 Week Program over the past 5 months with incredible success. If you are interested in leading your own FM4L group and getting paid to help others change their lives and reach their goals, click here to learn more about this life changing opportunity.