What The Super Bowl Taught on Increasing Energy And Boosting Metabolism?

By February 3, 2014 No Comments

I hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl. Quite a shocking game, but it showed just how powerful a strong defense can be. Do you have a strong defense in your life for your health and vitality? I was giving it some thought what I thought the best defense against sickness and disease and it kept coming back to earth’s FARMACY.

What you eat plays such a profound role in how you feel, look, and think that we should really spend some time learning about it and figuring out ways to apply it to our lives. “Forget(Virtually) Everything You Thought You Knew About Eating Right, Losing Weight & Increasing Your Energy!”

I wanted to take a minute to let you know about a nutritionist friend of mine, Tracie (Hittman) Fountain, who’s finally figured out how to eat real food the right way! For1_Plate many of the moms I know, they’re pulled in a thousand different directions each and every day, and lots of them feel feel like they’re constantly exhausted! They’ve discovered my workout programs and have gotten going physically, but they still have absolutely no idea of what or how they should be eating.

If you’re one of the millions of moms who are fatigued, have thyroid/adrenal issues or hormonal imbalances, or problems with losing and keeping weight off, then Tracie’s program is what you’ve been looking for!

Her DVD Home Study Course will teach you how to enjoy the food you eat along with a ton of delicious new recipes from her cookbook. Say goodbye to the days of feeling guilty about what you’re eating, because her plan will teach you how to eat real food that isn’t processed or full of junk ingredients you can’t even pronounce!

The difference between Tracie and other nutritionists is that she’ll take you beyond food and show you how to change your plate and your life!

TracyThe Home Study Course includes:

  • 8 DVDs with over 9 hours of teaching
  • A 145-page nutrition manual and
  • Tracie’s newly released RecipeCollection with over 100 recipes that are junk, soy and gluten free

If you’re serious about getting back the body and life you deserve, then check out Tracie’s DVD Course today!

This is an investment, but seriously I don’t know of a better investment that you can make for your family and yourself. I would invest in this over any workout program (if you had to do either or).

Let me know if you have any questions, knowledge is power and this is information you won’t hear on mainstream media and certainly nothing that the government will tell you.