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What Will Your Life Look Like 20-30 Years From Now?

By January 7, 2014 No Comments

unnamedI spent a day in Denver meeting with over a dozen of the Fit Moms For Lifers doing 6 Week Challenges and then headed off to ski in Aspen with a family that I am doing a business deal with. I love to ski, been skiing almost before I could walk. I try to get out to the mountains 1-2 times per year. I would consider myself good enough to ski anything except the double diamonds and out of bounds. But this story isn’t about me.

It is about the dozens of people I met and the stories I heard while riding chair lifts and gondolas up. Many of these men and women were 60-80 years old. I would ski with them and they would DOMINATE me. They were faster, smoother, and skied much prettier then me. How can it be that someone 2-3 times older then me could out ski me?

They have kept in shape, that is the answer…

As a fitness pro I would get into their story and want to know what they do to stay in great shape. The answers were unnamed (1)nothing surprising, just the “boring” story of weights, cardio (hiking), stretching, and lots of skiing and biking. I was speaking to one woman who’s a very accomplished skier and still takes group lessons. She was telling me of a woman who was 83 years old that would out ski most of the group on the double diamonds! How the heck can an 83 year olds body (let alone a 30 year old body), be able to handle 35% and greater steepness and huge moguls?

Consistency and practice…

The last part that I want to highlight is that most had talked about taking lessons from someone more experienced even though the person taking the lesson was really good already. The last two hours I bumped into a guy in his late 20’s and we skied together and he was telling me that he had been skiing for about 15 years (he was very good), and he decided to take a lesson from a professional coach. That coach gave him 1 cue that changed his skiing forever. He said over the course of a couple hours his skiing improved 100%. He said he was pissed off that he didn’t know that one piece of information 6 years earlier because it would have made things so much more enjoyable and easier.

So I ask you the question…

Generic older couple taking exercise.Generic older couple taking exercise.What kind of body do you want 20-30 years from now? Do you want a body that can jog on the beach, ski on the slopes, hike up the mountain, walk around the block, swim laps in the pool, bike around the lake, and so on?


Do you want a body that hurts every step you take, gets out of breath at the top of each flight of stairs, would rather be laid out on the couch, in a motorized scooter, in a wheel chair, or not even be around to experience any of that?

While we don’t control 100% of our future we do control a great amount of it by the habits and actions we do today. That is why I am here and that is why I am put on this earth. I want those who want the first set of scenarios to find me. Over the course of the past decade (gosh I am starting to feel old), I have created road-maps and tools to help them get there, and in the process put them together with other like-minded folks who are doing the same. That is my mission, a simple one, but one that will take me the rest of my life to accomplish.

I have close to a dozen programs and one might just be the program for you, but instead of listing them all off, just share with me your story and I will recommend the program that is best. Please also tell me where you live. I am here for you!

In case you are wondering, I am going to take my own advice and when I go out skiing again I am going to enroll myself in lessons. Life is too short to try to do it all on your own, when there are people there to help you learn it faster.