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Kerry Tepedino’s “The Five Ingredients of Successful Weight Loss”

By December 31, 2013 No Comments

Is part of your plan for the New Year to lose weight? Was it your resolution last year or the year before too? If so, you are not alone! Year after year losing weight continues to be the #1 resolution, yet fewer than 9% who embark on the journey are successful.

Seriously, if all you needed was the latest fad diet, a cleaner cleanse or a more regimented eating regimen, you’d not be resolving (yet again), to make this year the year you finally succeed in the weight war. Right?  If you agree it’s time to stop the self-sabotaging cycle, I am very excited to introduce you to a true wellness and weight loss pioneer, my friend Kerry Tepedino. Kerry has developed a system for weight loss that is spiritually grounded, emotionally savvy, and based on proven principals from body-mind research.

Kerry T 1And great news — Kerry is going to be sharing her system on a free tele-class hosted by The Shift Network on Thursday, January 2nd at 5:30 pm Pacific called: The 5 Ingredients for Blissful Weight Loss ~ A Spiritual Approach that Gives You Lasting Results.

Reserve your seat for this free class here!

Kerry will be sharing some of her most essential insights and practices during this free seminar. She’ll show you that when you address weight loss holistically, the pounds fall away naturally – and far more easily than you’ve ever experience before. And more importantly, you learn to make shifts to holistic well-being and around self-image in a way that keeps the pounds off.

Register from the link below so you can join Kerry on this 1-hour call and learn to:

  • Go beyond the struggle so you get your life back.
  • Harness the power of intuitive eating.
  • Shift your psychology and mindset – permanently.
  • Build simple, sustainable changes into your daily life.

Reserve your seat here!

As someone who once struggled with bulimia, emotional eating and a negative body image, Kerry has intimately experienced the daunting challenge of shifting one’s mindset and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Her approach elevates weight loss from a frustrating battle with destructive or unhealthy behaviors to a beautiful spiritual journey. She will inspire you to your personal best. Learn more and register for this free call: https://shiftnetwork. fitmoms/

I know I’m really looking forward to this call.  Hope to “see” you there!