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Are You Getting The Fuel Your Body Needs?

By December 16, 2013 No Comments

As a trainer, the #1 most asked question I get is “what should I eat?” This question makes sense because there are SO many different diets out there that promise rapid results. The truth is that many of them are successful for a short amount of time, but extremely unsuccessful in the long run because they can’t be sustained. 97% of people who go on a diet and lose weight gain it back and sometimes more.

The trick isn’t to go on a “diet”, but a lifestyle of eating that promotes fat loss and muscle gain. An eating plan that allows you to eat more yet still lose weight. A lifestyle of eating that actually decreases your cravings for foods that aren’t nutritionally beneficially. A lifestyle of eating that actually promotes cravings of fresh fruits and vegetables. This is the kind of “diet” that I like to be on and promote to my family, clients and friends.

I always get asked what I eat and more specifically what I buy at the grocery store. If you try to bring a video camera into a grocery store, you will get kicked out (try it sometime), so I did the next best thing and brought the food home and shared it with you!

Because the battle for eating right always tends to start at the grocery store, I hold grocery shopping tours. Not only will you learn things that you didn’t know, but you will be able to take that knowledge back to your friends and family. It is amazing how kids watch what their parents do. If you as a parent starts to eat healthy the children are much more likely to follow.

Look for my next tour which will be sometime in January and learn the following.

-Decipher food manufacturer’s deceptive advertising

-Learn to read ALL components of a food label

-Understand the foods that make you feel full

-Get ideas for feeding your kids

-Techniques to get you in and out of the store without being tempted to buy bad food

-Helpful handouts and sample shopping lists to aid you.

-Learn the right times of the day to ear certain things to maximize fat loss

-Plus answer all of your questions you might have.

Here is a grocery store tour I did with Channel 27 for their Parenting Project Healthy Moms Segment.

Here is what one person said after taking a grocery shopping tour.

For someone who never paid much attention to the nutrition value of food, I found Dustin’s grocery shopping trip to be very informative and useful to me. He discussed the deceptive marketing techniques used by most major food manufacturers in promoting their products; deciphered the information provided on nutrition labels of products selected by the group, and discussed alternative food choices as we toured the grocery store. Since the trip, I take the time to read nutrition labels and understand what is actually in the food I purchase.

~~~Ann McIvor

Look for my next tour sometime in January!