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3 Fats You Should be Eating

By October 8, 2013 No Comments

butter_webcropI have been doing more of my grocery tours recently and it gives me great insight into what people believe is good and bad to be eating.

One of the most exciting areas of the grocery tour is the fat section. You know, the margarines, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, and the hybrid blends of fats.

What do you choose in this section?

If you have read my book, you will know the answer is butter. But many people get tricked into all the highly processed awful spreads instead. Just read the labels. Less is more when it comes to ingredients. Two other fats that you should be using regularly are coconut oil for cooking, and extra virgin cold pressed olive oil (not to cook with) in a dark container. Those are three of the best oils to use on a regular basis.

On a similar but different note, I get asked about supplements all the time. What do I use, who do I recommend.  I always tell people to first get your eating down pat, don’t use supplements to try to outsmart a poor nutrient-void diet.  Once that is taken care of, I recommend a protein powder for convenience, fish oil for omega 3’s, multivitamin for insurance, and a Vitamin D in the winter months. I have been recommending my friend’s company Prograde for many years now and happy with their quality and customer service. Hundreds of my clients use their products and really love them.