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A Paradigm Shift In Health

By September 24, 2013 No Comments


I am constantly looking ahead at what is coming down the pipe regarding technology, science, and policy to figure out how I can help you become healthier and fitter.

I have spoken a couple times about the slow shift towards prevention rather then disease treatment. The tipping point is still years away in my opinion, but it is getting closer. At some point people who are living a sick and unhealthy lifestyle will have no choice but to get healthier or live a broke and sick life, due to changes in health care for example.

I would like to share maybe the best article I have ever read on predictions of the future and where health care, fitness professionals, and doctors are headed.  This was written by the organization I am certified through and is a must read for any fitness professional or anyone who cares about the state of health for our kids and society as a whole.

>>>Click here to read article

The vast majority of America doesn’t yet believe that consistent exercise reduces disease, increases mood, and is overall so powerful that only an idiot wouldn’t exercise.  If you tell many people you work out 5 days a week or run 5 miles they will tell you you are crazy and out of your mind… No, they are crazy and out of their mind for sitting on their butt all day and thinking that is the best way to live life.  If you look at the advertisements long ago about smoking. Society as a whole didn’t realize just how nasty and destructive smoking was.  Now everyone knows and understands it. Even the smokers say they realize how stupid their smoking habit is.

I will get off my soap box in a second, but I am thankful I am living at this time instead of 30-50 years earlier, when the only people preaching this stuff was amazing guys like Jack LaLanne.   We are close to it becoming an absolute no-brainer in our society that we should exercise on a daily basis. We don’t have to convince people to brush their teeth in the morning, and hopefully soon we won’t have to convince anyone to exercise and eat healthy because it will just be part of our culture.  Those not doing it will be on the outside looking in, and will become like smokers today, isolated and kept to confined to certain areas.