Announcing The Fit Moms For Life Transformation Center

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Dear Dane County Fitness Community,


It has been 11 years since I stepped foot in this beautiful city, and I am thankful for it everyday. It has been 6 1/2 years since I graduated college and started MamaTone and the following year Fit Fun Bootcamps.


I have been blessed to have so many amazing trainers as part of my team and so many inspiring clients. We have had just over 5,000 Dane County residents participate in MamaTone and Fit Fun Bootcamps since the inception, with 10,000’s of lbs lost, hundreds of incredible friendships made, and countless numbers of fears overcome and goals reached.


I think it is about time we have a place to call home…


I am beyond excited to announce the opening of our 5,700 square foot Transformation Center on Gammon Road across from Memorial HS. We are moving into the space that Farrells had been in.


This is a very new and beautiful space that has locker rooms, showers, two main studios for our programs, and a couple smaller spaces.


The planned move-in date is Sept 15th. (Subject to slight change)


This new home for the community isn’t going to be a “gym” or a “bootcamp” but rather a TRANSFORMATION CENTER.


It is a home that won’t allow for excuses, only solutions.


It is a home where everyone is welcomed like family as long as they are willing to care for each other like family.


It is a home where a 400 lb. person could work out right along side a collegiate athlete and both get taken care of, loved, supported, encouraged and feel safe.


It is a home that welcomes the community.


It is a home where trainers from all over the area can come to become better trainers.


It is a home that when you are there, you just feel better, more positive, more energetic, and more spiritual.


It is a home, a safe space, where you can be yourself, open up, share things you wouldn’t tell the world, and see true TRANSFORMATION.


You see, we aren’t trying to sell memberships, we are looking to fill our home with family members that share in the same core values of hard work, support, authenticity, and openness.


If you think you are a good fit for our family, for our TRANSFORMATION CENTER, we would love to have you be part of it!


Ok, now for some details…


We will continue to offer Sun Prairie, East Side, McFarland, and Oregon just like we always have… You are of course more then welcome to come to the west side to your other home.


We are combining Verona, Mount Horeb, Middleton, and West Madison into this new Transformation Center.


As we grow and settle in, our plan is to offer more programming such as yoga, kickboxing, and other fun things. This will all depend on how our family grows and the resources we have to work with.


We will still plan on going back to Elver in the summer, because that hill rocks! ☺


I would like to take a moment to personally thank Supreme Health and Fitness who have been like family to me over the past nine years and treated my clients with great respect. If you know of anyone looking for a traditional type gym, I can’t recommend Supreme enough.


Also, if there is anyone from Farrells program who is reading this, I hope that they can find another location that is more suited for their situation. They run an awesome program, so if you love it and they can find another location stick with it! But, if they are unable to get another place, we would be happy for you to come for a two-week free trial and learn more about our community. I think you will like it!


Lastly and most important…


This isn’t my space or my trainers’ space…


This is our community’s space. We have been blessed with an incredibly big and beautiful place and want this to be a resource that is maximized.


So I am open to any and all ideas. I would love to partner with people to get kids’ programming and programming for 60 plus year olds during the day. I would love to have different businesses and organizations use it during the evenings and weekends.


We are in this together; I only signed a 7 month lease to start with, so in order to make this work for the community long term, and not be the third fitness business to go under in this space, I am asking for your help.


We have space to rent/use. We have resources at our disposal and looking for creative ways to find new “family members” that will be a good fit.


Also, if you have extra exercise equipment you aren’t using and would like to donate, or sell at a discount, please let me know. We are particularly looking for rowing machines, AirDyne upright bikes, and maybe a couple treadmills, stair climbers, or ellipticals. If you have extra weight plates, kettle bells, or dumbbells we are looking for that too.


Please email me directly at dustinmaherfitness@gmail.com and help brainstorm with me or introduce me to people or businesses that could benefit from each other. Also share this to your network. Together we can build an amazing place for the community to come and become healthier and fitter.


We are here to help you. Please let us know what we can do!


With Love,

Dustin Maher