Trainer Highlight- Ashley

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I am very blessed to have Ashley part of my amazing team of trainers.  Ashley is one of the most sweet and kind people I know and just loves working with clients to help them succeed.  I don’t know if it is from her yoga background, but whenever I am around her I just feel very calm.  Thanks Ashley for all you do and being a great example what it looks like to be a Fit Mom For Life.  Ashley taught bootcamps nearly up to the day she delivered her second baby and was back less then a a month later.

I apologize for this video, not sure how it got filmed the wrong way, don’t hurt your neck watching it please!

Q: Why do you teach?

A: There are many reasons I teach bootcamp classes. I love helping people see how strong both physically and mentally they are. I love the energy that people bring to class and it puts a skip in my step after teaching and personally helps keep me motivated and on track.

Q: What do you do outside of teaching and what are a few fun facts about yourself that people may not know?

A: I own my own business called Change In You, LLC. I provide personal training sessions, small group training, and phone coaching mainly to females in their 20-50s. The training sessions are either out of my home studio in Sun Prairie, WI or I travel to some people’s homes. I have had my own business for 2 and a half years and love it!

Being active has always been a part of my life. I grew up on a farm always being outside and busy with something. I played volleyball and basketball in high school and was Valedictorian of my 03 class.  I have been married six years this fall to Dane and couldn’t be happier with my two son’s Drake age 2 and Dylan 2 months old.

A fun fact about myself:  I am not a strong swimmer by any means, but was a lifeguard for 3 years in high school. I always said that I wouldn’t want me to have to save someone.

Q: What is your most memorable bootcamp story/moment?Ashley's picture

A: Last year I used my car a lot at the Eastside outdoor location for lights and music. It was the last day outside and Kristen Campbell came to my rescue when my car battery died. I had left my heater on full blast which drained it. Luckily she asked me to try to start it because she saw the lights dim. I am so glad that our bootcampers look out for us as well.

Q: What are 3 tips you have for our amazing bootcampers?

A: 1) Plan and prep for your week. It makes a huge difference if you have your meals laid out and groceries bought along with your workouts in your planner. Even if they don’t go as planned taking that time is never wasted. I take the time Sunday evening to go through my calendar putting in my workouts, meals to make based on my schedule, and most importantly time for myself. This gets the week started off in the right direction.

2) Visualize success. I talk to my clients and bootcampers all the time about running through challenging situations in your head before they occur. Having your choices all ready in your head before you are in reaction mode helps you stay true to your goals. Also seeing, feeling, and experiencing success helps all your decisions aim in the right direction.

3) Look at the whole picture. Wellness is not in silos. You need to look at stress, social situations, your job, nutrition, sleep, hobbies, family holidays and traditions, vacations, friends, etc. As you can see everything is connected. I always say you cannot make health changes without changing so many other aspects of your life. It is scary, but things you do not think of can be keys to the barriers you are experiencing.

Ashley has been teaching for Fit Fun Bootcamps for 2.5 years.  She can be found at Sun Prairie and the East side locations.

If Ashley has helped you, please feel free to leave her a comment in the comment section below