Trainer Highlight- Joe

By June 5, 2013 One Comment

Q: Why do you teach?

A: I teach for the inspiration of seeing people work hard to reach their fitness goals. I love to be a part of a person’s story of personal triumph in taking control of their life and being fit. On top of that it keeps me motivated in my training to see people overcome obstacles in their lives.

Q: What you do outside of teaching and a few fun facts about yourselves that people may not know?

A: I graduated from Physical Therapy school at UW-Madison on May 17th! Then I became a real PT finally. I compete in triathlons and will be doing my first half ironman this July in Racine. I also have done a marathon and adventure races such as Tough Mudder.  My wife Kellie is also a PT and we live in Fitchburg. I am originally from Haverhill, MA north of Boston and I lived in Mass through college. My interests include superheroes and zombies, preferably not in combination.

Q: Your most memorable bootcamp story/moment?Joe

A: My most memorable moment was last summer when I cam back to teaching after not doing so for the winter months. I started back up at my same location and it was amazing to see how far everyone had come in working towards their health and wellness goals.

Q: Can you give 3 tips to our amazing bootcampers?

A: 1.Use a mantra to help you get through really tough workouts. Mine is from the bible but it could be anything:  “I can do all things through him who gives me strength.” Phillipians 4:13

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables! I personally am not a fan of diets, most of them don’t work long term. Instead I think people should exercise regularly (which you already are) and eat more fruits and veggies. You should also allow yourself to cheat once a week, if you try to go cold turkey without your favorite unhealthy foods it’s pretty tough but you won’t break the bank by enjoying those foods on rare occasions and that makes it easier for you.

3. Have an accountability partner that is not your spouse. Someone who will not let give in, someone who will call you out if you don’t show up. This is so important for people to stick to an exercise program


Joe has been teaching for Fit Fun Bootcamps for 3 years.  You can find him at Oregon, East, and McFarland.