It Is Time Things Change!

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I am up here in Toronto, Canada for the week and I spent a chill Sunday with a couple of my best friends and top health doctors and experts in the world.


We spent the afternoon throwing the football around on the beach of Lake Ontario as we discussed our passion for wellness and where the world is at today regarding our health and how the three of us are going to do our best to inspire as many people as we can over our lifetimes.


My two friends I was with was Dr. Isaac Jones and Yuri Elkaim. We shared our absolute disgust with some of the marketing that the big pharmaceutical companies create as well as companies that promote energy drinks for example.


With billions of dollars going into manipulating advertising and many blatant lies or misinformation, it is no wonder why our society would rather gulp an energy shot or pop the latest diet pill.


What we teach isn’t rocket science, but what we teach can do things that most doctors in the world CAN’T do, which is REVERSE disease or prevent it in the first place.


Pharma and many doctors mask the symptoms by pushing drugs, while we provide the ultimate solution… eat foods that will heal your body and move your body in ways to transform it.


Between the three of us we have worked with well over 100,000 people and something that really frustrates us is the priorities that many people we come in contact with have.


They would rather buy a $30,000 new car than invest in a couple hundred dollar program that could change their life and help them live a decade longer.


They would rather have the 60 inch flat screen TV than to buy more fruits and vegetables at the grocery store.


They would rather go to Starbucks and buy a $4.29 latte everyday and say they don’t have the money for a fitness membership.


You can argue that it is their body and they can do what they want and it doesn’t affect us…


But it does…


We all end up paying for it in higher medical costs.


Did you know that 1 in 2 women die of heart disease? Since 1984 more women die of heart disease than men.


Did you know that the indirect and direct costs of heart disease is $1,051,302.04 according to the US Preventative Services Task Force?


Direct costs can be upwards of $600,000.


Did you know 1 in 3 people die from cancer? The average direct cost of cancer is $138,384.65 according to the American Cancer Society.


Now I am not saying 100% of these diseases could be prevented, but according to the largest cancer research institute in the entire world it said, “Instead of our genes, our lifestyle and environment account for 90-95% of our most chronic diseases.”


When we are driving our car and we see our engine light or our tire pressure light come on, we will most likely make an appointment to get the car checked out, but when it comes to taking care of our bodies we neglect it.


Don’t you think your body is more important than your car?


I am about to jump…


off my soap box…


But being with my friends today who are just so crazy passionate about seeing this world be healthier, happier, and fitter has fired me up to new levels.


You might be reading this and say “yes Dustin, I agree with what you are saying and are 100% on board.” To you I say awesome. Ignore your family members and friends who think you are crazy for getting up early to workout, saying no to dessert when everyone else is eating it, and to drinking your water when everyone else is sipping

on their wine or hard liquor.


It is YOU who we need more of… Those who refuse to blend into what our society now considers the norm. (fat, sick, and depressed)




You might be reading this and feel very convicted that you put more concern and attention into your car, your pets, or your vacations then yourself.


If you are feeling convicted that is a good first step, next you need to come up with a plan of attack to begin to develop new lifestyle habits, because if you don’t, it will kill you eventually. If it doesn’t kill you soon, it will drastically decrease the quality of your life.


If you only knew how amazing you could feel, you would

never want to do what you are doing to your body, but the problem is your health has decreased slowly over time and you have forgotten what ultimate health feels like.


Side note: Each day as I learn more and more about nutrition and exercise and implement it into my life, I feel better and better year after year, month after month. I am on a journey like everyone else. I am no better or no worse than anyone else.


If you need a plan, reply to this email and I will do my best to suggest to you the best plan for you. Please remember I am out of the country til Friday so I ask you to be patient.


I care about you, and want to see you live a life that is so amazing you can’t even imagine what it would be like!


Keep moving,

Dustin Maher


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