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I get all kinds of interesting emails and get to meet cool people, below is an email conversation I had with a woman named Kristian whom I have never met.

I really like to invest in those who are serious and are willing to do what it takes to get results and after her initial email I could tell she was serious enough to really put herself out there and be vulnerable. Not only that, but she was willing to invest in some of my DVD programs which is just one more way of showing commitment. Plus she let me share her before pic with you all which takes guts!

So I am reaching out to our great community to help her.  Her email address is klauren69852@msn.com if you would like to contact her and be her accountability partner.

Here is her first email…

Kristian's Before pic!

Hi Dustin, I’ve gotta hand it to you! You are the most motivational person in my life…and I’ve never met you!

Here is my story and where I’m at now. I am 26 and a married mom of two amazing girls (ages 1 1/2 and 3). I have never been fit, or healthy for that matter, in my life. The last part of 2011 it REALLY started to get to me. By November 2011, I realized that I was even avoiding family “get togethers” and even grocery shopping because I just hated the fact of anyone even looking at me, let alone my husband.

So we decided that something NEEDED to change because it was greatly affecting the way I lived not only my life but also my families lives. So we ordered “Power 90”. I was excited when I got it and went crazy with it!…….for 3 weeks and then the holidays hit and I got back into a rut. I never looked at it again….until this July.

My family got back from vacation on June 30th. And then it hit me…all of the CRAP we ate on vacation and we really didn’t do anything physical.  I was very ashamed and I felt extremely horrible that I have let my babies eat terribly un-healthy foods. So I immeditely started going through my kitchen and throwing a LOT of food (if we can even really call it food) in the trash. My husband just followed behind me (without saying a word, he really is supportive) with a trash can and let me do whatever it was I was doing. LOL Then I decided the next day I was going to begin Power 90…again.

When I woke up the next day, I took the pictures and measurements. I wanted to die! I weighed 213lbs. I started my journey that day. That night I downloaded your book. Then I checked out your website. I thought I might as well see if I can actually stick to Power 90 before I spend money on something else. I have since “friended” you on facebook and “liked” your other pages as well. I have to tell you when I decide I don’t feel like working out, I sit down with my kindle or laptop instead. EVERYTIME I get on facebook or check my e-mail there is something inspiring from either you or one of the pages (or all!) that make me rethink my decision to just sit there instead of excerise. For that I THANK YOU!

Right now is a great example, I have yet to work out today and after I finished with supper and getting it all cleaned up and the kids cleaned up, I just didn’t feel like working out too! So I sat down to check my e-mail instead and “ta da!” I read this e-mail. So when I have finished this, I AM going to suck it up and work out! I have been at it for 2 months now and I have just hit my 20lb mark.

I have really gotten bored with Power 90 and these last few weeks have been difficult to “just push play”. So I have taken advantage of the trial offer of “Fit Moms For Life” (which I intended to keep going with after the trial) that I got in an e-mail when my husband ordered your “Got Core” DVD for me. (Once I got it I realized I am SOOO not ready for that! One day…but not yet. I’ve got a LOT more belly fat to lose first.) I can’t wait to get started.

I think it’ll be really good for me seeing as how its something different every month! I guess my question is: Is that the program I should pick up and start now or is there a different one that you would recommend for me? Again thank you for all the motivation from me and my family!


Here was my response…

Awesome! I am so proud of you and the drastic steps you are taking…

Can I share this email on my blog, I can keep it anonymous if you would like. Your story is incredibly inspiring and will continue to be more and more impressive as the months go on.

Nice work with the first 20 lbs, just take it one decision at a time.

You are totally capable of doing the first level or two of the Got Core, don’t tell me you can’t.

Sure you might fall off and have a good few laughs, but that is part of the process.

Keep plugged in and if you let me post this and if you would like the personal support of others doing the program, I can put out there that you are looking for accountability partners, and I can pretty much guarantee there will be some who want to have daily contact with you.

What do you think?


 Here was her response…

I have been thinking over weather or not I’d like you to share my last e-mail. Truth is I was scared, thinking of what a failure I would feel like if I let you share my story so far and then completely FAILED. Then it dawned on me that I have been leaving open a window for myself TO fail. I haven’t even shared with most of my family that I am working out and trying to get healthy because I was afraid of what they would think of me when/if I failed. I have been thinking that if no one knew, then it wouldn’t be such a big deal and I wouldn’t feel so bad when I gave up. So I think if you share that e-mail, it will be the next step to closing my failure window. If you do share my story on your blog, I would LOVE to have accountability partners (closing the window even further!).

Thank you for even thinking that MY story is inspiring!

On another note, my husband and I tried out the first level of “Got Core”. It kicked our asses!!! But we did have fun and yes, we did fall off the balls a few times! 🙂


Dustin here again…

If you felt a connection with Kristian throughout our conversation it would mean a lot to me and to her if you felt it appropriate to reach out to her. The Fit Moms For Life family is large and strong.  Her email address is klauren69852@msn.com if you would like to contact her and be her accountability partner.

Keep moving,

Dustin Maher

PS I am also going to keep Kristian committed by making her do another update on around January 1st (she doesn’t know this yet), Kristian you have a little over 3 months to rev up this journey you are on. You will enter 2013 in the best shape of your life 🙂