One Tough Cookie 2012

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Great looking group of Fit Fun Bootcampers from my McFarland location

One of my favorite things in the world is to be around people who are trying new things and overcoming challenges and obstacles. I had the honor of being the official trainer for the One Tough Cookie mud run.  It is a 5K obstacle filled challenge that benefits the girls scouts of Wisconsin.  There were about 1000 women doing the event and I had about 60 of my Fit Fun Bootcampers, MamaToners, and Fit Moms For Life DVD moms at the event.

I was also asked to be the MC for the event, when I agreed to it, I didn’t know what it would entail.  It meant that I was to pump up each group as they started.  We had 18 “heats” spaced 15 minutes apart, so I spent about 5 straight hours warming the groups up, giving shout outs to the sponsors, and giving directions about the challenge.  Last week I talked about my experiences at another mud race called the Tough Mudder.

Here is Kris a faithful Fit Mom For Lifer

It was so much fun interacting with everyone and seeing my long term clients bond together and support one another and have fun.  One of the biggest highlights was getting to meet close to a dozen women, whom I have never met, who faithfully do my Fit Moms For Life monthly DVD programs in basements around the midwest US.  The dedication and drive it takes to do them on their own early in the mornings (usually) is super cool.

Andrea another Fit Mom For Life DVD mom whom I got to meet for the first time

One thing I didn’t expect, but was really fun, was all my clients coming up to me after they were covered in mud and jumping on me getting me covered in mud.  It was great to be able to share that moment with all of them.  Half way through I decided to announce to each heat that if they wanted to come over and give me a mud hug after they could, so I had a continual trail of huggers for the rest of the day 🙂

Mud hugs


There are many stories I could share, but I want to share with you one from a long time Fit Fun Bootcamper Lara.  Lara has overcome many physical and emotional challenges over her life to get her to the moment she was at today.  After she completed the race she came over and thanked me for believing in her and for giving her the courage to do it.  What was even cooler was that she had her husband and 3 kids by her side.  Her daughters are dying to do it next year.  Here was her picture and subsequent Facebook post…

Some of you reading this might be wondering what is the fun of getting really dirty and working out, but I would like encourage you to give one a try sometime.  We take ourselves too seriously and are too proper fearing how stupid we will look.  Getting dirty like this brings us back to our childhood days and reminds us that we should lighten up and laugh and play more.

Fit Fun Bootcampers getting durrrrty... I think eating mud DOES burn fat 🙂

Here are the final pics I will end with and sums up a great day of fun in the sun and getting dirty.  If I haven’t met you yet, I hope to get to meet you at some point.  Have a great day and “keep moving.”

A Successful Day!

Nap Time!