Mother’s Day Special

By May 7, 2012 No Comments
The best holiday of the year is coming up this weekend.
Okay I am a little bias, but I think every day should be
Mother’s Day.
I was trying to think about how I could help bring joy to
a mother’s life this weekend.  I racked my brain asking
a couple questions.
1.  What area of a woman’s body do most want to change?
My answer: stomach
2.  What do most women like to do to relax?
My answer: read
So I thought long and hard and combined these two things
into an offer I hope you CAN’T refuse.
When you invest a small amount of money into my best selling
“Got Core” DVDs, I will also ship you my book Fit Moms For

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Now my book might not be as addicting as 50 Shades of Grey,
but this book has 31 transformational stories of women who have
transformed their lives.  I have tons of recipes, eating plans, workout
plans, and many more things.

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Once you get your receipt, forward it to my assistant at
renee@dustinmaherfitness.com and she will send you a
copy of my book, you don’t even have to pay shipping on
the book.
I have a couple dozen copies of my book sitting here in
my living room ready to find a home.
This insane offer is only good through the end of this
Keep moving,
Dustin Maher
PS  Forward this to any mom, or husband who should get
this for their loved one.  How much better would this be
then a box of chocolates, or some flowers that will go bad