3 Things To Do To Get The Summer Body of Your Dreams

By April 27, 2012 No Comments
I hope you are having a wonderful day!
I am still in NYC meeting with different media outlets.
Between media sessions, I am receiving coaching on
success principles that can be applied to pretty much
anything in life.
There was a 3 step process to achieving whatever you
want that I want to share with you.
Let’s apply this to a fitness goal you might have.
Summer is coming up, so let’s say it is to look and
feel as good as possible in a tank top or swim suit.
You need 3 things.
1.  Desire
2.  Resources
3.  Permission
Desire:  This is something I can’t really give you.  It
has to be something inside of you.  It can’t be a weak
desire, but a desire burning so deep inside of you that
you will practically do anything to see it come to fruition.
Why is getting in shape for you so important for you this
What current emotional or physical pain are you
in that you want to get rid of?
Before you go onto step two, you must be clear on step one.
Resources:  This one I can, and I hope for many of you
have helped you with.  I have spent the past 4 years pouring
out my heart and soul on my blog with over 500 articles,
that will show you everything you need to know to have
a killer looking and feeling body this summer.
For those in the Madison, WI and surrounding area I have
11 awesome bootcamp locations with some of the best
trainers ready to serve you and help you transform yourself
from your current state, to a state you never thought you
could achieve.
I have 28 workout DVDs all designed to transform your
body in the quickest way possible from the comfort of
your own home.
You have no shortage of resources.
Permission:  Right now I am giving you permission
to go after your desires with 100% clarity and intensity.
If it is important to you, it is important to me, so don’t look
back, follow your heart.  YOU deserve it.
I don’t care what others have said about you, or what you have
said about yourself.  Today is a new day and a new moment.
It has never been lived before.
Today you have the opportunity to change your life and your
Go after it and find others who are going to support you in
that process!
Keep moving,
Dustin Maher
PS For those of you in the WI area, I will be having my big
Fit Fun Bootcamp outdoor workout kickoff May 5th at 8:30 AM.  This
is free for you and whomever you want to attend.  Please bring
a couple canned goods for the local food shelf.  I will have about
8 of my instructors there to help out.  Our goal is to have 200
show up for this workout.  We encourage families to come together.
For those living outside the WI area, I encourage you to find some
others on May 5th around the same time and create your own

workout for your friends and family.