What Would You Do If Failure Wasn’t An Option?

By April 24, 2012 5 Comments
I love technology!  I am writing and sending this newsletter
to you from 36,000 feet on my way to NYC to meet with
over 100 producers, and editors from news and radio shows
like the Today Show, Rachel Ray, Kelly (and whomever), Good
Morning America, and so on.  Over the next 4 days I hope to
build relationships with them so that I have access to their platforms
to help spread my Fit Moms For Life message and challenge
how we are living our lives.
Why am I sharing this and how does this affect you?
Good question…
This past week I have been asking my Fit Fun Bootcampers,
and MamaToners two questions.
These two questions could change your life forever.
What are these questions?
1.  What physical activity or achievement would you like to
do/accomplish if failure wasn’t an option.  Meaning if money,
risk of dying, time, ability and so on were eliminated.
2.  If you could do anything you wanted for the rest of your life
and money, resources, time, etc didn’t matter, what would you do?
I love listening to everyone’s answers, because they tell me a
lot about the person.  Do they dream big or small?
Side note: For those of you who are single, these are incredibly
insightful first date questions to ask someone.
Write down the answer to these questions after giving it some
thought.  Maybe you want to run a marathon for example.  That
distance is just so far in your mind that it is inconceivable.
So maybe you don’t start off with a marathon, start off with a 5K.
When that goes well, you do a 10K, then a half, then a full.
One woman said she would want to spend her life traveling the
world and giving money away to deserving people and causes.
This is great!  There is no reason she can’t start doing this today.
She can schedule even a small trip, and find people that she can
give $10 or $20 to for example.
Many of you have kids…
Kids dream big, kids have no fear of failure or fitting into societies
expectations.  However, as we grow older we become jaded and
no longer dream big, no longer think we can achieve the impossible,
no longer believe in chasing after what is in our hearts and burning
within us.
I have to get going but I want to leave you with this.  I have realized
that I want to help people transform their bodies and their lives (I realized
this about 8 years ago), but instead of just saying I want to help a dozen
or couple hundred, I decided to want to help millions.
So in order to help millions I ask myself how can I get to that point?
Well national TV news and talk shows is one platform to help me get
there.  What if I  became the Suzy Orman of Fitness, or what if I became
the Dr. Oz of fat loss?
As I began to think about that, I then said “Why NOT me?”
When you start asking the right questions you start going after
what you TRULY want.
Let’s stop living lives of just existing, when thriving is only a
couple questions, and actionable steps away.
Landing soon.
Keep moving,
Dustin Maher