Are You Ready for the Summer?

By April 14, 2012 No Comments
Are you excited for summer?
I hope so, and it is my goal that as the temperature
rises and the winter clothes come off that you will
feel good in your own skin.
So here are a few useful links that you can take a look
at to help you be in tip top shape this summer.
The first couple relate to food, which by now you
should know is the most important factor to losing
Good news!  My friends over at Prograde Supplements
are celebrating their 5 year anniversary with a store wide
15% off sale.
One of my staples (besides their protein powder) is their
Krill oil.  No fish burps and much more Omega 3 potent
than fish oil.
Enter coupon code “BDAY2012”
Before I end today’s email I would like to encourage you
to forward these newsletters onto friends.  It is my labor
of love, and the more people I can help the better I feel
and the better you should feel because you are helping
out someone you care about feel and look better.
Keep moving,
Dustin Maher
PS  For those of you in the Madison, WI area, the wait
for the big outdoor bootcamp time and location announcement is only days
away.  What I can tell you is that this summer will be bigger
than ever with a minimum of 61 bootcamp times each week
to choose from!
Mark your calendars for Saturday May 5th at 8:30 AM at
Elver Park.  It will be our big outdoor bootcamp kickoff.
Free for anyone to attend.  We usually get about 150 to
attend and most of my trainers will be there to help out
with this amazing event.