Where Is Your Support And How Much Fun Are You Having?

By April 10, 2012 4 Comments

Great "Support" from the MamaToners

Over the past few years I have done tons of interviews and one of the questions I get asked is how in the world has your Fit Fun Bootcamps, MamaTone, and Fit Moms For Life DVD programs been so successful, when so many others who try to create programs and businesses similar to mine go under and shut down.  I tell them, I will tell you, and I will tell all of my competitors (although I don’t really believe in competitors since there are plenty of people in the world who want and need to get in shape) who read this blog exactly how I do it.

Fit Fun Bootcamper Josh has lost over 45 lbs and shows his kids what it means to be a fit dad

The secret is of course having a program or product that works.  It is hard to convince someone to stick with a program when they aren’t getting results.  But it comes down to two big things.  The first being a strong passion for helping people see the potential that they don’t see in themselves.  The second is to create a cocoon around that person and surround them with others, who believe in them, and who are on the same journey as themselves.

I look at those I work with more like family than clients.  I cry with them as we go through things like miscarriages, cancer diagnosis, or deaths to the family.  I celebrate with them in their job promotions, body transformations, and achieving other goals.  So recently I was trying to come up with ways to bring the family together even closer.

Bootcampers Melissa showing alternative uses for dogs.

I created a 30 Days of Awesomeness program that was exclusive to MamaToners and Fit Fun Bootcampers.  It wasn’t mandatory, but we had 150 decide to do it.  It was a game in which they would get points for making healthy choices.  It was designed to get people outside of their comfort level and into another realm they never thought possible.  The 30 days started with mandatory before pictures and measurements being taken and uploaded to our private Facebook group.  For many taking pictures was scary, but then the thought up uploading them to FB was even scarier.  But as they did it, they realized that it wasn’t that bad and it was only their minds stopping them from feeling comfortable.  Next was a mandatory (well if you wanted to get the points) 30 days of food journaling.  They are received eating plans that they could follow or eat any way that they wanted to.  Soda and alcohol were also discouraged within the point system.

30 Days of Awesomeness from Eric Maher on Vimeo.

Another part to the game was getting to know the “family” better.  So we played human bingo and each person had to meet others who fit the descriptions on the bingo sheet.  They need to take a pic with that person and put it on FB.

Bootcampers Penny and Greg show the power of teamwork in the kitchen

We also had a lot of fun taking pictures doing fun things like push ups on the kitchen counter, or working out with a home appliance.  Again these pics were uploaded to FB.

Check out MamaToner Dawn as she gets creative with her husband 🙂

We also had a good time dressing up each week to different themes.  I particularly enjoyed the dress like the opposite sex day. 🙂

At the end we had a big AWESOMENESS party at Dan and Sally Lucks beautiful kitchen and bathroom remodeling business called Bella Domicile.

After the points were all added up the top three winners were:

1st Liz G.

2nd Nika R.

3rd Steph S.

Emily and I during 80's day

"Sexy and You Know It" 🙂 Me during dress like the opposite sex day

1st place received: Free massage, $100 certificate to sports store, dinner with me :), 1 month of bootcamp, and a makeover which included a cut and color, facial, and mani/pedi.  This was donated by an awesome bootcamper named Lisa who owns New Concepts Salon.

2nd place received: Free massage, $50 gift certificate to Fleet Feet, 1 month of free bootcamp, and a Kodak ZI8 HD camcorder.

3rd place received: Free massage, and 1 month of bootcamps.

But the real winners were everyone, because I have never seen so dramatic results in just 30 days.  I knew this would be the case, because this required people to write down a food journal which is the single greatest thing you can do.  We had women losing 10-14 lbs and guys losing over 15 lbs in just 30 days.  People were doubling the total number of push ups they could do and greatly improving the times in wall sits.

So my question to you is where is your support team?  If you live in Madison I would of course love to have you come check out the Fit Fun Bootcamp and MamaTone Families.  If you live somewhere else either join or start a Fit Moms For Life community group (email me at dustinmaherfitness@gmail.com if interested), or seek out a group that you can join at a gym or anywhere there are people looking to live a healthier and more awesome life!