Facing Your Fears

By March 1, 2012 One Comment

I am writing this from a plane on my way to DC to give the biggest 60 minute presentation of my life.  I have been asked to speak at one of the most prestigious business conferences for CEO’s who do their business online.  Tony Shea of Zappos, Bob Parson’s of Godaddy, and Ted Leonosis of AOL are just some of those who have spoken at this event.  To speak in front of 500 CEOs, many of whose companies generate 7 and 8 figures per year is very humbling and daunting.

If I am going to be totally honest with you I am a bit nervous.  Not to talk to a crowd that size, that will be fine, but from a level of confidence.  My inner critic is saying, “what can you tell these big whig CEO’s that they don’t already know?”

Can you relate to this in your life?

Maybe it isn’t a speech you need to give, but maybe it is the thought that you aren’t good enough for that job promotion, or not athletic enough to complete a certain race, or not attractive enough to land the perfect mate.

So how can you overcome this?  How am I overcoming my fear and nervousness?

Here are a couple ideas:

1.     I am reflecting back on past successes, even if they are small, in order to build up the confidence needed to achieve a bigger task or goal.  I am using a technique called “stacking” where I combine many small accomplishments together in order to exponentially build up my self-esteem and confidence.  So if you are looking to lose some weight and tone up, think about times in your life where you were able to stay away from junk food, incorporate healthier foods, make the time for exercise and so on.  Write out a list on a piece of paper and look at it each day until your confidence builds to where you know you can achieve what you are about to set out on.

2.     Surround yourself with people who are encouraging and positive.  These people won’t question whether or not you have the ability to do it, but rather they will see all the good and potential you have.  I have been blessed over the past 2-3 months to receive emails and calls from my friends congratulating me on receiving the honor to speak at this event as well as words of encouragement of how great I am going to do.

3.     Don’t put anyone or anything on a pedestal.  As I have rubbed shoulders the past couple years with more and more influential people, who from the outside seem to have it all together, I have realized that they are human just like you and I and have similar struggles in the same areas in our lives.  I have learned that we all have special unique talents, skills, and knowledge that others don’t possess.  We are all equal.  So don’t think you are a hot shot, and don’t think you are a failure and a dud.  So how does this relate to your quest for health?  Some of you look at others that seem to have a better body, better skin, more energy, and wish you were like them.  You tell yourself you could never ______________ fill in the blank, like they can.  For example, I could never exercise 5 days per week like they do.  But I am telling you that you possess greatness and they aren’t any more or less special then you.

I have been asked to speak to these CEO’s about how I have created such a strong local community and how that has been able to transition to a large international online community.  I have realized that I might not make as much money as these other people, or have as big of a staff, or have my own air plane.  But I do have an amazing group locally in Madison, and an incredible community online that many of these CEO’s wish they had and want to learn how to create.  I can add value to their lives, I am no better or worse then them.  You are no better or worse then the next person, go out there and achieve greatness!

Keep moving,

Dustin Maher
PS I challenge you this week to go out of your way to make someone’s day special, this could be a loved one or a total stranger.  When you do, please respond to this email and share with me what you did.