How Fit Can You Be 8 Months Pregnant?

By February 19, 2012 3 Comments

As thousands of more moms start the Fit Moms For Life program and lifestyle, I am getting more and more case studies on how working out quite intense during pregnancy can have tremendous benefits to both baby and mom.  I am hoping over the next decade I can help doctors rewrite the recommendations that they give to pregnant women.  It just seems like yesterday when doctors were recommending 9 months of rest.  How dumb does that sound?  Rest for 9 months so that the moment you give birth, you will have to test your body more than at any other point in your life, and then after you deliveer you will be getting very little sleep, carrying a baby that weighs 10 lbs and more, and many times be in charge of older kids at the same time.


No wonder new moms get injured, tired, depressed, and overwhelmed.  I will jump off my soap box now, and show you this video of Jesse who has been coming to MamaTone throughout her entire pregnancy.  Not only does she fee WAY better than her first kid, she gained half the weight, and overall feels 100 times better then her first kid.  I know many of you who are going to watch this aren’t pregnant but if Jesse can do this at 8 months pregnant, what can you do not pregnant?

Be sure to talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program. If you are looking for a book that addresses fitness for pregnant and new moms, click here to learn more about Fit Moms For Life.