Who Can Do More Pushups, Michelle Obama or Ellen Degeneres?

By February 13, 2012 5 Comments

I have talked about pushups for many years and my annoyance with women not believing that they can do push ups on their toes.  This limiting belief has to stop and has to stop RIGHT NOW.  That belief is just as bad as telling yourself you are not a good mom, or will never amount to anything.  Negative self talk needs to stop.

I have also said many times on this blog and to my clients, that I can get just about any woman up to 15-20 pushups within three months of training with me.  Now if someone is obese it might take them a little longer but it should happen.  I would estimate that the average female client I work with can do at least 30 perfect toe pushups with a few of the ladies breaking 100!  (That is more than I can  do).

Check out this video and read my comments below:


Did you catch the age of Ellen and Michelle? 54 and 48 respectively.  Now that isn’t really that old, their best years are still ahead of them, but I hear people in their early 40’s complaining saying they are too old to be doing certain things, or using age as an excuse.  I can also hear that small voice in your head saying, “Yeah they can do it, they are millionaires, and have trainers and chefs, blah, blah, blah.  If I had to be on TV so much and look good all the time I would look like them too.”

I also believe that if you saw what a typical day looked like for these two ladies, it would make your head spin.  The reason why they look the way they do, and are as fit as they are, is because they make it a PRIORITY.  I have heard Michelle in other interviews gets up between 4-5 AM to workout.  These women don’t possess anything special that you don’t have.  You have all the knowledge you need to get in the best shape of your life right here in the over 500 videos and articles I have posted throughout the past few years.

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