How Holly Lost over 40 lbs and is “Addicted” to Fit Fun Bootcamps

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Holly a year ago

I have a confession to make.  When I first read Holly’s story (which you are about to read), I shed a few tears.  This is a very honest story Holly is sharing with us, and I want to thank her for her brutal honesty.  This story is something that most everyone can relate to at some level.  The weight loss is great, the smaller clothes are great, and so is the increased energy.  But what made me cry while reading this is how Holly now views herself, how her kids view her, and how her husband views her.

I don’t think I would still be in the fitness industry after 8 years if the only reason for helping people was to make them smaller and stronger.  Those are the external changes that occur, but I believe that exercise and nutrition is the most powerful set of jumper cables I can give a person to break out of their mediocre lives and into the life they want and deserve.  As you will read below.  Holly finished a race.  In that one race, she beat some of her demons, her negative self talk, and her lack of confidence in her abilities.

If you can relate to any part of Holly’s story, I encourage you to take some massive action.  If you live in Dane county, come to Fit Fun Bootcamps, or if you are a SAHM, MamaTone might be a perfect option.  If you just don’t know where to start regarding exercising and nutrition, invest in some of my DVDs.  It will be as close to me training you in person as possible.  Eating plans are included with the DVDs.

Enjoy her story!

December 2010….

5:30 am the alarm goes off and I hit the snooze. 5:45 am alarm…snooze. 6:00 am alarm…dragged myself out of bed. Today was the day I was going to get up early and try to start exercising. Well, I guess I will start tomorrow. I stood in my closet, looking through my outfit options. Well, that does not fit…that is too tight…that makes me look like an egg….ahh! so very frustrated. Next on the agenda…get the kids ready for school. My little Noah, age 5, at the time, popped out of bed and started running down the hallway. “Mom, come chase me!” I yawned and started my slow jog and followed him up the stairs. I was so out of breath and I was only half way up the staircase, oh my…”Mommy, are you ok…why can’t you breath? Do you have a lung problem?” responded Noah. I rolled my eyes and preceded to wake my other 2 children up, Hannah age 11 and Caleb age 9 (at the time). Both of them were chatting about wanting to play the Wii after school. I heard one of them say…”no, mom can’t do that…she is always tired and quits after just a minute…” The morning continued. I asked my lovely husband the regular question, “Do I look fat in this outfit?” Lovingly, he always said, “you look good to me or what do you think…” which really meant, yes you have put on weight but I do not want to hurt your feelings.

I was 210 lbs which was the same weight I was when I delivered Noah over 5 years ago. I was frustrated, embarrassed, and fatigued. I needed to make a change. I hated how I looked. I hated how I felt. I hated how I could not keep up with my children. I hated knowing that I was on a downward spiral toward hypertension, diabetes, etc…But I tried exercising before and I tried dieting before, and it did not work. I blamed everything and everyone for my past attempted failures. I had not taken responsibility for my own poor choices.

Holly Currently

I finally decided it was time to “own up”, “face the music” and make a change.

I had seen Dustin on several Channel 15 health spotlights and was intrigued. I researched his website earlier that year. I was very interested but concerned of not being able to “keep up” and did not want to be embarrassed. It finally took a groupon offer at the end of December 2010 to get me to finally try this “boot camp thing”. January 3, 2011 was the day.

January 3, 2011 was the first day of what has become my healthy addiction to bootcamp. Yes, I was the “largest” one there, and yes, I could not even do 1 push up, and yes, I always came in last (very very last) with all of the sprints/suicides/etc. Was I embarrassed…yes. But everyone was very positive and supportive and cheered me on when I was the last one to complete something and almost ready to pass out because I could no longer breath…:) It was hard, but for some odd reason, I really liked it. I faithfully went 3 times a week. As time went on, I slowly started to notice changes. I began feeling stronger, less fatigued throughout the day, and my face started to look a bit thinner. Then finally, the weight slowly started coming off and my clothes began to fit “better”. Did I want the changes to happen quicker? Of course I did. Were there times I became frustrated and want to quit? Of course there were. But I kept coming. The choices I made led to this unhealthy body, therefore, only I could make the choices to change the cycle. I found going to bootcamp was not only good for my body, but also for my soul. The atmosphere was so positive and supportive. About 3-4 months into my new “addiction”, I met a woman by the name of Alecia. She was very sweet and I was able to connect with her as a “mother”. Her attitude was so very positive in our chats. Well, she chatted and I nodded as I could not speak during the warm up. 🙂 I soon found out that she was going to be the new trainer.

I continued to be faithful and continued to see results. I became stronger, faster, and yes, I was not last that one time! I continued to absorb everyone’s positive attitudes and support. I actually started to gain a little of my self esteem back. My clothes were loose and I was feeling great. I even decided to step out of my comfort zone and participate in the Warrior Dash. I just wanted to finish and not be the last person. Well, I did it. I did it all by myself and I was not last. My husband and kids came to watch me. Noah yelled, “I can’t believe my mom jumped over fire..” Hannah was grinning ear to ear, “Mom, I can’t believe you did that, even in the rain.” My husband looked and smiled and said, “I can’t believe you just did that. I am so proud of you.” Tears began to fall. Actually, I can’t believe I did that myself. I would have never been able to do something like the Warrior Dash physically or mentally without Alecia and “my” bootcamp workouts. As the months went on, I continued to feel great. I even ran in the Madison Mud Run…well, ok I did do alot of walking but hey…I did easily complete all of the obstacles.

December 2011…

4:45 am the alarm goes off…. I jump out of bed as I need to get to bootcamp. As I run out of the house, I looked once again at the picture my son Noah drew of me. I was running with a number on my shirt and big smile on my face. I enjoy Alecia’s insane workout and head back home. I easily found a cute new outfit in my closet, chased Noah around and actually beat him to the bathroom, and made a playdate for the Wii with Hannah and Caleb. My weight is now 170 lbs. I have lost over 19 inches. I am happy. I am energetic. I love my life. I love my healthy addiction to bootcamp.