Fit Moms For Life Book Party: Aimee’s Transformation

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Aimee started Mamatone 2 years ago with a poor attitude towards exercising and a self proclaimed lazy bone in her body. But over the past years not only has she shed more then 70 lbs off her body, she has changed the way she lives and the friends she spends time with. Luckily for everyone, she hasn’t lost her sarcastic personality. 🙂 You can read more about Aimee’s story in page 157 of the Fit Moms For Life book.


Here is the transcription of Aimee’s talk:

My name is Aimee and I drank the Kool Aid.  Well maybe not Kool Aid… more like green tea with coconut oil and a little prograde mixed in.  But you know what I mean.  Dustin asked me to say a little bit about my weight loss journey.  Though I don’t exactly know why.   You aren’t going to get any kind of inspirational platitude from me.  I am lazy.  I mean really, really lazy.  You will still find me getting off the stair climber as soon as Dustin walks away.  Or picking the lightest weight in class, pushing even newbies out of the way. Those of you who have taken Mama Tone with me can attest to the fact that I can spend a long time tying and retying my shoes.  And my ponytail always needs adjusting.  Weird how often that happens during mountain climbers and wall sits.

If I could have had surgery to lose weight, I would have done it.  If I could have done anything other than exercise and changing my diet– I would have done it. Have you heard of pro-ana?  It’s a website dedicated to anorexia as a lifestyle choice.  If I had the willpower, I would have just followed all the advice I found there. You may have read a blog post I wrote after I lost my first 25 pounds.  If so, then you know that besides surgery, I either tried or seriously considered – amphetamines, tape worms, nicotine gum and diet pills.  I am big on short cuts.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any short-cut to lose weight, and was left with diet and exercise.

My history with exercise is not a pretty one.  The last time I participated in a team sport was in junior high school.   Shot put, I was eleven.  In college I thought that I would take up running.  I even found a running partner.  Maybe she was too much like me.  After our first run,  — which was probably less than a mile – we shared a pint of Haagen Daaz Bailey’s and Cream, while watching TV.  That was also our last run.

I also gave Zumba a try- once.  Given my lack of coordination I banished myself to the back of the class.  I was sandwiched between two nice elderly ladies.  By the end of class I had knocked into both of them with enough force that each had spent some quality time on the floor.

Given that I am a lazy quitter, it surprises me that I have made it through two years in Mamatone.  My journey here started when I saw my friend Cailin at Target.  We had been in a mom and baby class together. Our daughters were about a year and half old.  I hadn’t seen her in a couple of months and she looked terrific. I still looked pregnant. Her secret was Mamatone.  If only it had been a new diet pill. So with indignant resignation I tried Mamatone.

Many of you know my inauspicious beginning.  For some reason I get perverse joy in telling people, sometimes complete strangers, about my first few classes. My attitude was poor and I felt soul crushing hatred for Dustin and everyone else in the class. And then of course, there was the vomiting.  But for some reason I stuck with it and made exercise part of my routine.  I offer this anecdote to show how much it has become a part of my daily life:  My husband was recently hospitalized.  He is fine, but I’ll take your pity.  On the way to the emergency room Isaid that I would drop him off and be back in an hour or so after Mamatone.  Regrettably, I said this in my out-loud voice. Needless to say, it didn’t go over very well.

Exercise was one thing. It took me a lot longer to change my eating habits.  What people don’t tell you is that exercise makes you hungry. So hungry.  So for the first few months after I started Mamatone I would reward my hard work with a post-class muffin.  I mean, really, I earned it – right?  And well, I may have also eaten my daughter’s barely touched muffin. I mean, I couldn’t waste it.  Maybe I should have picked a flavor she liked.

So then it must seem shocking to you that I wasn’t losing weight even if I was exercising. It was shocking to me.  But I figured out that I had to do it.  I had to get my diet under control.  Dustin had been badgering me since I started, to keep a food journal.  The first twelve hours of seeing what I was eating in print was horrifying.   What I was eating bordered on the pornographic, however delicious it was.  I slowly changed my ways and over the past two years I’ve found a way of eating that works for me.  I have never given up the food that I love – think whatever comes out of a deep fat fryer.  However, now I eat it one day a week rather than every day.

So now I had the exercise down and was learning to be more vigilant about what I was eating.  But nothing seemed to change.  My body seemed stagnant in its heft.   I was feeling down and frustrated.  Who cares if I can do a pushup if I don’t see any physical changes.

Then one day I saw the light.  I was actually sitting in a chair with my legs together and I looked down and couldn’t quite figure out what I was seeing.  And no, I don’t need an anatomy lesson.  What I saw was floor.  Just a teeny tiny sliver of it.  But it was the floor.  And that was just the beginning.  I actually started seeing ankles forming, there was now something
between my calf and my foot, and not something that starts with a “ca”.   I could now stop cutting the elastic from the tops of my athletic socks. And my arms didn’t have funny looking growths on them.  I was getting elbows.

From ankles and elbows and that first sliver of light – I saw my body change. Shoulders! My long-lost waist! And perhaps the biggest change is this: when I weigh myself, I do it with my clothes on. I don’t strip down to naked while someone holds my hair.

And now here I am. After two years, I have lost about 70 pounds.  And I would like to say that I now enjoy exercise.  That I enjoy the challenge and the pain.  But the truth is that I don’t.  I still struggle both physically and emotionally with exercise.  So why do I come?  Is it because I am a masochist?  Is it because I get an adolescent thrill and giggle when I hear Dustin say that I have a great snatch?  (I do, by the way.)   I come because of you.  Because all the women in the class support and inspire me.  And some of you have become my best friends.  I am lucky to be surrounded four times a week by people who are there for me, helping me reach my goals and creating new ones.  Thank you for enriching my life.  I can’t wait to see you Monday.