Busted (action required)

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My friend, Samantha Taylor had a very intense personal experience with sugar, one that almost cost her career…. she got totally busted! Actually, she tells it better, meet my friend Samantha…..

Hello! Yes, I am way too familiar with sugar and what it can do to the body. I am actually a health and fitness professional, a personal trainer who struggled with sugar for over 30 years. The bizarre thing was that before I started to research it, I didn’t even think or know I had a sugar addiction….I just knew I loved sugar!

Yes, I loved the flavor and the experience of sugar but I never put the word addiction with sugar, I mean come on, it’s sugar…. not a drug. Little did I know that when I started to study what sugar really was and how it functioned in the body and then I started to look at my own life, I realized I was addicted!

One time I was at a buffet and had eaten a few thousand calories in food only to go the dessert part of the buffet next and gorged on a few more things.  The server came over to me and looked at my plates and what I ate and said, “Aren’t you that health expert that writes articles in the paper?!”  I looked back at her totally embarrassed, “Oh this, this is a cheat meal.  You didn’t read that article in the paper?”  She said, “Whatever,” and walked away.  I was devastated, I was totally busted!  With my head hung low, I realized that I was living a ‘cheat life’ not eating a ‘cheat meal.’

After being busted and looking at it more closely, I realized I ate it daily, many times more than once a day. I would have highs, then crashes in energy only looking for that next ‘fix’. I would get a thought in my head about a ‘sugar experience’ and I was off and running to fulfill it no matter what time of day. I would eat 3 or 4 pieces of cheesecake in the break room at the gym where I was a personal trainer during a Customer Appreciation Party, hoping no one would see me. I couldn’t go a day without some kind of sugar and then I finally realized I had a sugar addiction….

I couldn’t believe it! My sugar cravings were urging me to continue to eat sugar….

The more I looked into it the more real it became but I have to say there was some hope in admitting that I might have a sugar addiction. Now you may or may not have one, only you really know and only you can admit to it, if you do. There is great freedom in admitting the possibility of it and at least exploring the option of seeing how to fix it.

It all started to make sense: why I always wanted something sweet after dinner, why I couldn’t shed that extra fat, why I was so moody and cranky sometimes, why I had a ferocious appetite being hungry all the time and why I was so distracted and I just couldn’t focus very well.

The great news is, there is a solution and after 30 years of being addicted to sugar, about 6 years ago I started trying to break the addiction and I started to find the cure. Before then I found myself hiding in the break room at the gym I worked at, shoving my mouth full of cake hoping none of the Staff walked in since I was a the #1 producing Personal Trainer out of 2000 trainers in that company!

That started to give me a clue that not only did I eat a lot of sugar but I was also hiding it. Little to my surprise, quitting sugar was harder than I expected because I didn’t really know what I was doing and I didn’t fully realize I was dealing with an actual addiction. I would go on and off, sometimes back eating it worse than before. Left frustrated with chocolate on my face and cookies baking in the oven wondering how I got back here, once again.

But then something happened 2 years ago. I finally figured it out! I finally figured out how to overcome my sugar addiction and not go back to it. I discovered how to have sugar and NOT have it turn into another addiction. I didn’t want to live my life without ever having sugar again and the way I tried to stop eating it the first time didn’t work, it made it worse thinking I could never have sugar again.

So I came up with a new way, a new system that I discovered of not only how to break the addiction but to also still be able to have sugar sometimes and not let it ‘have you’. The great thing is I have made this step-by-step system easier and even simpler to follow.

It’s all about balance and knowing how to not let this white substance control your life anymore.

So if you are wondering if you might be addicted to sugar, click this link.

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