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I received tons of emails thanking me for sharing the information on how kids are potentially being poisoned with sugar.  If you missed that, click here to check it out.
Today I want to continue the discussion on what I believe is the #1 thing causing people to be sick and overweight.
Are you addicted to sugar?
Yes, that is hard question to ask, “Could I possibly be addicted to sugar or are my own children?” I know that many who love sugar don’t really ask themselves that question yet when they do ask it and they honestly look at their life, they usually say, “Oh my gosh, I think I am addicted to sugar!” It can be a rather shocking moment because you knew you liked it but you surely didn’t connect that you were addicted to sugar, I mean, come on…it’s only sugar, right?

Well, studies have shown that sugar can be very addictive and, just like with drugs or alcohol, it’s only addictive in certain people. Some people can have one donut and it’s no big deal whereas someone who struggles with sensitivity to sugar, that donut can turn into 4 more, then cake or cookies later or some kind of other chocolate.  My friend Samantha Taylor, who was a sugar addict for 30 years and is known as the Sugar Addiction Specialist says, “For a sugar addict, eating sugar turns into eating more and more sugar and it doesn’t stop!”

Have you ever just been sitting there at work or home and a thought pops into your head about a dessert you like? You start to see yourself eating it and then all of a sudden your brain kicks into gear of how you are going to fulfill that vision? That dream…that fantasy….yes, you get whisked off into the sunset with you and your sugar and all is great until….the ‘come down’, the sugar crash. Dah, dah, daaaaahhhhh…..

The ride up is great, sure tastes good but boy, when it’s over and the high of the sugar wears off and the joy of the flavor is long gone, you are left with plummeting blood sugar levels that totally whack out your body from your mood to how clear you can think, to your energy level, to hot flashes, to snapping at the kids, or to needing to take naps. Yes, that is the life of how some people addicted to sugar live.

It’s like this unhealthy, dysfunctional relationship where the person is fun to be with for a little while, then something happens, they just turn on you and it gets weird!  Do you know what that is like with sugar?

Many people who are addicted to sugar have been for many, many years.  Samantha (my expert sugar addiction specialist) has seen that the average person addicted to sugar was since childhood or at least for the last 10 to 20 years and many of them didn’t think they were addicted until they actually heard about a sugar addiction from Samantha.   They also found that once they learned how to overcome the addiction, they were shocked that they did NOT crave it anymore.

“That is the main fear people have,” Samantha says, “when they think of overcoming their sugar addiction.  They think they will always crave it but what they find out is they actually don’t crave it when it’s out of their system.  It really is an amazing thing to experience when it has messed with your life for so long!”

There is a big difference between someone who eats sugar every once in a while and it’s no big deal compared to someone who eats it constantly, craves it like all get out, over consumes it when you do eat it and its beginning to negatively affect your health….how you feel physically and emotionally. You may or may not be addicted to sugar – take ‘The Quiz’ to decide for yourself….see link at the end of this email.

Sugar seems so innocent. How can you actually be addicted to it and how can it be that bad for you? Keep reading to hear answers to both of those questions….

Samantha says, “When you look up the word ‘addiction’ in the dictionary and study the characteristics of what an addiction is, people that struggle with eating too much sugar totally fit the criteria of having an addiction. You decide for yourself by checking this out….”

The word addiction means the condition of being abnormally dependent on some habit…

Huh, have you ever felt abnormally dependent on sugar?  Always wanting it?  Eating it emotionally when you had a bad day, eating it daily or just down right gorging on it?

Look at the definition of a drug: Something and often an illicit substance that causes addiction or habituation…

Yes, excess sugar can definitely cause addiction and habituation where you do it out of habit.

Samantha has studied sugar for many years and she says, “Research shows that sugar in excess can be very toxic to the body. It has been linked to the three main killers in this country: heart disease, cancer and diabetes. It also is highly linked to osteoporosis, fatigue, headaches, joint pain, weakened immune system, mental fogginess, PMS symptoms, moodiness, hot flashes, depression, ADD-like symptoms, excess wrinkles and the list goes on and on.”

Considering these are many of the main health issues our country deals with, it’s not surprising that the average American consumes 155 pounds of sugar EVERY YEAR!

My goal in writing this email to you is to help shed some light on the reality of this sugar addiction and hopefully inspire you to think about overcoming it.  Now wouldn’t it be good for you to know if you are addicted to sugar?  How can you tell?  The best thing to do is take this short quiz so you can self-diagnose yourself.  Who knows yourself better then you?  No one….that is why YOU get to decide if you are addicted to sugar or not.  No one else can you tell you, so take a minute to take ‘The Quiz’ and find out if you really are addicted sugar.  You? How do you really know until you take ‘The Quiz’.  Click here to take ‘The Quiz’

P.S. This quiz can really help shed some light on this for you and see if you really are addicted to sugar or not.  Take a few minutes to just take the quiz, you will be glad you did!