Teaching Bootcamp at Waukesha North

By November 21, 2011 No Comments

One student who worked a little too hard and shared his lunch with everyone 🙂

I recently had the opportunity to train over 200 kids over a two hour period and then train the teachers and staff afterwards at Waukesha North.  I had a wonderful time.  This was the first time I have done this with high school kids.  I was pretty impressed with most of the kids attitudes and work ethic.  There were about a dozen kids in each class that were too cool, and just sat on the bleachers and were lame, but the rest of the kids really gave it their all.  As you will see from the picture, one kid even gave up his lunch.  🙂

If you have kids in junior or senior high, I encourage you to watch this video with him, especially the part where I am talking.  It is my most powerful message I can give teens and wish it was a message I heard growing up more in school.


Question of the day:  What would you wish you were taught in school that would have helped you in life?