Chrystal Getz

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I found out about Chrystal when researching other great blogs helping people get in shape.  I liked her story and asked her to write a blog post from me.  She represents a lot of clients I see.  They were once quite skinny and didn’t have to watch what they ate and didn’t have to exercise, but slowly the weight crept up and once in the 30s and 40s became a big problem.  I like what Chrystal said about researching.  Don’t just believe what I say.  Read other stuff, some with contradict what I say while some will confirm.  Become a life long student of learn is so key.

Here is Chrystal…

My name is Chrystal Getz. I was lucky enough to be thin my entire life without ever trying. I could eat whatever I wanted and was always told “that’s going to catch up to you”. I was in my 20s and knew everything so I didn’t listen. Since I didn’t have to work to be a certain size, fitness was not a part of my life and healthy eating never crossed my mind.

Of course my unhealthy lifestyle did catch up with me and I gained weight. It was only a little at first. I wasn’t too concerned about going up a pant size. I would just buy one in that size and then work on getting the weight off. Tomorrow. Except one bigger size led to another bigger size and so on. Then came marriage and…you guessed it, two little girls in a baby carriage (three years apart).

A few more years went by and I got sick of being out of shape. I was carrying extra weight from both pregnancies and marital bliss. Not blissful about my weight, I decided I wanted to lose about 30 pounds. I announced it to everyone. That’s what all the articles I’ve read say to do, after all. I was holding myself accountable. The reaction from friends and co-workers was mixed. Some said I didn’t have 30 pounds to lose. Others just said, “yeah right”. I wasn’t exactly the picture of fitness at the time. I was known for drinking Bud Light and putting bacon in every dish I made. But, I was determined.

So, I started running – very slowly. Actually, I started walking. I started seeing results and knew I could do more. With the help of the C25K program, I started running. Before I knew it, the weight started coming off and I became addicted to feeling healthy. Not only that, but I could run pretty darn fast (comparatively speaking) and even completed a few 5ks. Once I realized working out wouldn’t kill me, I also added spinning classes, yoga, strength training and anything else that sounded fun to my fitness repertoire.

When I do something, I go all in. So over the last few years I’ve researched the crap out of fitness and nutrition. I subscribe to 6 fitness magazines. I read every online article I can squeeze into my day. I even decided to get my personal training certification – just for the information I would obtain by doing so. Training is a hobby I love. Helping people meet their goals is far more gratifying than I ever could have imagined. I’ve discovered things that work….and a lot of things that don’t. I certainly don’t know everything, but I’d love to share the things I do.

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