What is your Clucking Point?

By July 27, 2011 One Comment

I hope you had an amazing weekend.


It is Monday and I was trying to think about

what I could write to you today that would

have a profound impact on your life.


Here is what I came up with…


A couple weeks ago I got to meet

and spend time with one of the people

I most admire.


That person was Jack Canfield author of

Chicken Soup For The Soul.


I was sitting in the front row and there were

about 150 people in the room.  He asked a



“Who wants to come up here and cluck into

my microphone while flapping your arms?”


Nobody went up.


He said, “For $20 who wants to come up here

and cluck into my microphone?”


There was one woman who came running up

and started doing it.  Everyone laughed and she

got $20.


Jack asked for people to raise their hands if they

would do it for $100.  More raised their hands.


Then $500 and even more.  Once he got to about

$10,000 pretty much everyone had their hand



The moral of the story… Everyone has a “clucking



That is, everyone has a monetary or pleasure driven

amount in their head that they would need in order

to do something they deemed as embarrassing, dumb,

uncomfortable, or hard.


So how does this pertain to you?


I have been getting quite a few emails from people

who have been making excuses why they can’t get

in shape or get started in making healthier choices.


It seems the motivation to look good for summer

has worn off.


Many have been struggling with their eating and

saying things like, “unhealthy food is just everywhere,

I can’t help it.”


Everyone has a clucking point…


If I said to you, if you do 5 workouts this week I will

give you $100,000 dollars.


Would you do it?


I bet most of you would.


So why can’t you do it when there is no money on the



It is because you don’t have enough leverage to want

to change.


In order to change negative habits and behaviors you

need to create a strong reason WHY you need to change

or WHY your current beliefs and habits will hurt you.


Just remember that if you HAD to, you could do almost



You are capable of greatness, you have to just

want it bad enough.


I hope that helped someone.