Overcoming Obstacles

By June 20, 2011 5 Comments

I recently visited Philadelphia for the start of a year long coaching program to teach me how to promote my book and improve my speaking at a national level.  There are 120 people in the program from all walks of life.  Most of the people are authors or soon to be authors.  They all have a burning message that they want to get out to people to help change lives.

These types of coaching programs generally attract very successful and positive people, which is so nice to be around.

I wanted to share with you an interview I did with a father/son.

It is pretty amazing to see the sacrifice Bob has shown, but I am guessing if you asked Bob he wouldn’t think he is sacrificing anything.

I am so inspired by Shane’s story that I wanted to share it  with you.

For more information about Shane visit his website at http://www.shanemichael.us/

Shane will be reading this blog post, so please write a comment below about how his interview has changed your life or challenged you.

Here is what I got out of meeting Shane…

It isn’t the body of a man that is important as much as their mind and spirit.  When life seems to be challenging and painful, there are always ways to look at things to make it seem ok.  Shane could have taken the cards that were dealt him and be negative and upset about his condition, but instead he took that, and is inspiring others who don’t have even 1/1000th of the challenges that he has to go through each and every day.

Next time you want to complain or not believe something is possible, remember Shane and what he has had to go through and what he is accomplishing.  Your mind is the only thing that limits your potential.  Weather that is losing weight, changing careers, developing a new skill, or achieving any goal that your heard desires.

This also reminds me of another father son that have inspired me.  I have shared the Hoyt’s with you before, but it is worth another look.