Who Wants To Get In Better Shape, Help Others, and Have FUN?!

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This is one of the most exciting blog posts I have written.  It stems from my experience up in Neilsville, WI. Click here to check out the whole story. There were about 35 woman and it really seemed to go well.  I had a blast, and everyone looked like they were engaged and having fun.

A couple days after the event I received a couple emails from Dianna, the awesome leader of this Fit Moms For Life group.  Here are pieces of her emails that I think really showcase why the Fit Moms For Life groups are amazing, and why I believe they are going to spread like the flu in a day care.  🙂

Here are the emails:

“Thanks soooo much for coming, I would officially say the event was a huge success, it is all the talk around town now. There were 15 new women at the event that I hadn’t met before. Two showed up tonight to join our group workout! And then there was 6 women who are part of the workout at home group that didn’t make it. This has really made my goals and visions come true too. I see potential for a great support network and more important the start of some new long lasting friendships in a town where I only knew my daycare provider. Having community groups was a brilliant idea, if there is any way I can help you move this forward, let me know. I wish it was as easy as going to schools and being a guest speaker to moms and teachers to share my story and promote the idea.

Everyone loved the fitness event and are already inquiring as to when you will be back for another one, as now that the news is out more people are interested. I know your only one person with a huge vision and a lot of groups to get started, so my wheels are spinning, I’m thinking of having ‘womens fitness events’ a couple times a year and see who I can come up with for guest speakers. I’m not sure if that’s enough attraction or if the draw was to meet you. We’ll see.

The Marshfield paper did a front cover story on the event.  Click here to check it out.

Dustin here again: Dianna emailed everyone who came and thanked them and asked for feedback from the event.  Here are a few of the responses.

“You deserve all of the praise and credit Dustin (& his mom) can give you, Dianna! We are SO lucky to have you as our leader. I love the program but especially the group workouts. It was only a coincidence that I found you since I’ve been volunteering in the Elem. School for 3 years. Carol told me about you when I mentioned leaving Curves. Just what I was looking for! I found out on Saturday that I am 5 months older than Angie so that makes me the oldest (66) in your group. Love it!”

Hi Dianna,

“I just want to Thank you! for holding this event. I actually heard about it from Nancy  and I had decided not to come. I am a teacher and I came up to school to work. I saw everyone in the gym having fun and I thought I’d stop in and check it out. I am SOOO thankful I did. I have been on the wrong direction lately and have gone from lots of exercise to almost no exercise in the last five months. This event was a HUGE motivator for me. I’ve done treadmills, elipitcals and lots of walking. This is a refreshing change! The talk really gave me focus. I have always dieted and exercised and always done the yo-yo thing–lose some weight, gain some back and over and over. The mission that Dustin has and you are proof of is AMAZING! It really touched me that it is about helping each other and providing encouragement. I really am setting goals ( and not just weight goals). I realize that there are MANY things I don’t do because I let me weight stand in my way of being who I want to be. I need to gain the confidence to do things I always am afraid to try. So once again thank you for hosting this event! It has me heading in a better direction and making changes in my life.(as well as having sore legs and arms and stomach muscles:)”

Tammy Perushek


I hope to attend your classes sometimes, but for now my sister and I are doing the dvds together at home:)


Hi Dianna,

“I just wanted to drop you a line about how great I think this was for our community. Not sure if there is room in the library for all of us…

If there is room on Wednesday, let me know.”

Thank you,



“I just read the posting on Dustin’s page. FANTASTIC!!! You are a celebrity! 🙂 I had such a great time, and I have talked to a few of the other moms, and they all absolutely loved it. Although, I do feel like I had another c-section, my stomach muscles hurt so bad! 🙂

I seriously think I am going to try to get to the bootcamp on Saturday if I can, depending on the weather. We will be down there anyway, so what the heck.

A couple people asked if he would be back as they had to miss it for one reason or another. I think he would have an even better turn out the next time!”




“I think it was great. I have never attended anything like it. It is great to have the support and encouragement you have provided us, and also Dustin on Saturday. The picture was in Monday’s News-Hearld.

THanks again for everything, and congratulations on all of your accomplishments.

See you Saturday.”


Dustin here again:

Wow ladies, so happy to hear about this.  Your feedback has caused me to make the following announcement.  I am very excited for what I am going to share and I hope you are too.

Because of the power of in person meetings.  I am committing to try to do what I did in Neilsville with any groups that can commit to having at least 15 people show up.  I am putting this offer out to anyone who lives within a 4 hour drive of Madison, WI.  I am going to start with that and work my way from there.

So here is the deal… If you have been a follower of this blog, have at least started any of my DVDs, have a passion for being in shape, and building your own community group, you qualify for this opportunity.  If you already have a small group set up, even better.  I would like to have at least 15 people committed to showing up.  For example, Dianna had about 15 in her groups, but those friends told others, and there ended up being about 35.

I hope you are excited about this!  Please email me directly at dustinmaherfitness@gmail.com to let me know about your situation and see if I can make it happen.  Please leave your phone number also.

I am starting this off in two weeks.  I am going to be in the Minneapolis area speaking to homemakers, a group of stay at home moms that is part of my mom’s church.  There are 200 in the group, I am hoping to see half of them make it out.

So if you live in the MN area, I would be able to do a Fit Mom For Life group on Monday the 16th of May in the evening, or May 17th in the afternoon or evening.

If you don’t live within the midwest, don’t despair!  Continue to involve your friends, family, and community in your workouts, and I will hopefully be able to come visit.

I am having a conference call on Tuesday night at 7:30 pm CST to talk more about the Vision for the Fit Moms For Life groups and how you can start your own up.  I am hoping to have some of the moms who have theirs started to also share with everyone.

The call # is (712) 432 0080

Access code:  480136*

If you haven’t already, put your name and email below if you are even remotely interested in learning more about our groups around the country.