Fit Moms For Life Community in Neilsville, WI

By May 1, 2011 9 Comments

Giving back can mean a lot of things to a lot of people.  We can give of our time, money, knowledge, resources, love, and so much more.  A way that gets me excited to see others giving back, is through facilitating groups whose main focus is to love, support, and create a healthy and positive environment.  That is why Fit Moms For Life was created and why we have a program called the 6 Week Transformation Challenge.  This program is designed to be led by someone who wants to give back and in return receives so much joy, fulfillment, and inspiration.  Watch this story about one such mom.

This weekend helped me realize that my vision to create a movement of a million moms is not only possible, but inevitable.

If anyone of you have ever set a huge goal that you don’t even know if it is possible, and then begin to see positive momentum in the right direction, you know what I am talking about.

I got the opportunity to travel about 150 miles north of Madison to a small town (less than 3,000) where there is a thriving Fit Moms For Life community.  These communities don’t just happen by accident.  They start by a mom who has a desire to not only help herself get fit, but also help her friends, family, and town get fit.  It is a conscious decision that must be strong enough to take action and begin to tell others, and invite others to join her on the journey.

Dianna, was one such woman who got results through the monthly Fit Moms For Life program, and then wanted to pay it forward and help others.  I had the honor of working out with 35 woman at a local school gym.  We first had a 60 minute talk where I went into detail about the 4 pillars of fitness, and then casted the vision for growing the FMFL communities.  Then we had fun doing a 45 minute bootcamp style workout.  Everyone had awesome energy and a great attitude.  It was great!

I stayed around and answered questions and many invested in all the DVDs that I brought, after that, Dianna invited the whole group over for a party at her place.  There were about 18 that came over and we had an awesome time getting to know eat other.  It also was great for me to learn how I could provide more resources to the group and how I could help them grow their communities.

Dianna had hired me awhile back for some phone coaching, and we have exchanged a few emails, but besides that, we had never met.  It was cool to hear her story and see what she has been able to accomplish in her town.  When I first met her in the parking lot, I could tell she was excited and nervous.  After hearing her story, I am guessing the nervousness was just a little bit from how her life use to be just a year ago.  She most likely would never have had the confidence to put herself out there and get this group together and to promote it.  She has become a leader, and I can see it in her eyes that it is something she isn’t quite use to yet, but is really enjoying and is excited about.  I am beyond proud of her for stepping out of her comfort level, out of where she has been for many years, and setting goals.  Goals that are big and scare her.  Goals that put her out of her comfort level.  Goals that she wonders if she can accomplish.  But you could just see it on her face how proud and excited she was for everything that was happening, and again congrats to you Dianna.  I am excited to hear how your tough mudder race goes.  I am hoping to be there to watch it and cheer you and many Fit Fun Bootcampers on to the finish line.

If you have been inspired by Dianna’s story and want to maybe form your own group or hear more about it, please put your first name and email in the box below and I will let you know when our next informational phone call will take place.