Fat Loss Lessons We Can Learn From The Killing of Osama Bin Laden

By May 1, 2011 One Comment

Some of you might be offended by the fact that I am using a morbid subject to tie into fat loss, but after hearing the awesome news of the killing of the terrorist, I reflected back on the time since Sept 11, 2001.  This event has been a long time in the making, and it is so great that it has happened.  I soon realized that there are many parallels we can take for our own lives that pertain to the decade long hunt to kill Osama.

1.  If there is a big enough “WHY” failure isn’t an option.  So many people want to get in shape, but their reasons for getting in shape are shallow or not important enough.  So when challenges arise, reaching those fat loss, or fitness goals takes a back seat to whatever else life is throwing at us.  Bin Laden has killed over 3,000 American’s, that was our big “WHY.”

2.  It takes knowledge and intelligence to lose fat.  Listening to the woman at the check out counter at the grocery store or reading the tabloid magazines about the current diet your favorite celebrity is on, isn’t the type of information I am talking about.  You have to feed your mind with truth.  You need second and third sources to back up the initial assumptions.  Reading things like this blog, and other reputable websites, books, and programs, will give you the knowledge necessary to get results.  The military, has been gathering specific information for the past two years on the location the Bin Laden was hiding out.

3.  It takes teamwork and support.  Trying to lose fat on your own is a tough battle.  Everything around us is telling us to eat processed crap, and sit on our butts all day at our computers and TVs.  It takes a group of supportive people, to come together to create a desired result, and to increase the chances of long term success.  That is why Fit Fun Bootcamps has become so successful and why the Fit Moms For Life communities are popping up all over the place.  Can you imagine just having one Navy Seal enter Bin Ladens compound and try to kill him?  Chances are the Navy Seal would have been killed.  It took the efforts of a couple dozen Seals to come together and fight for the same desired outcome.

God Bless our military!

4.  It takes practice.  Expecting to be perfect the first time probably won’t happen.  It takes longs of hard work and effort to create changes and form new habits, don’t expect them to happen the first time.  Don’t beat yourself up, if you fail before you succeed.  The Navy Seals practiced their maneuvers several times before they invaded the property to make sure that their chance of success was very high.

5.  Never give up.  No matter how many diets you have tried and failed, no matter how many exercise routines you have quit, no matter how many pounds you have lost and gained over the years, don’t every give up!  Chances are the plan you were on wasn’t right for you, or you weren’t in a place where you were ready to fully commit, or you didn’t include all 4 of my pillars of fitness.

6.  Have the right tools.  I am no military expert, but I can promise you the brave men and women who invaded his compound had all the right guns, protective body armor, night vision, and much more.  If they came in with flashlights, knives, and in their shorts and t-shirts, chances are the same outcome wouldn’t have occurred.  Your fat loss tools might include, dumbells, stability balls, workout dvds, comfortable shoes, food journal, bootcamp, water bottle, and much more!

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I want to thank all the men and women from all of the different military branches of the United States.  Thank you for serving, thank you for making our country amazing!  Thank you to all the families who have loved ones overseas.  I pray for their safety, and the calmness to keep comforted while their loved ones are away.