18 Fat Blasting Exercises For The Summer

By April 3, 2011 One Comment

When some of my trainers are out of town I get to sub for their classes.  My trainer Ryan was gone so I taught his PM indoor location at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio.  This is a very small room, but tons of energy and intensity.  It reminds me a little of the atmosphere in Fight Club, starring Brad Pitt, except much cleaner.

Two days earlier I was teaching there, we had 28 amazing bootcampers rocking it out.  In this video I think we had 18 or so.  By the end of the workout, the floors are soaked, it is probably pushing 90 degrees, with 100% humidity.  But more than anything it is the commraderie, intensity, and experience.  For those of you who aren’t in the Madison and surrounding areas to attend Fit Fun Bootcamps, or MamaTone, I highly encourage you to get a group, only needs to be a couple, turn some music on, and work hard and push each other.  It is fun, you feel amazing afterwards, and of course you will burn tons of calories.

Click here to check out Fit Fun Bootcamps.

Enjoy the video.  Be sure to watch til the end as the mirrors fog up.