Latest Study on Exercise

By April 1, 2011 One Comment
This is Melissa on of Dustin’s contributors.

I just read a new study released this week from the American Counsel on Exersise that I found very interesting!  The study was divided into two groups of 25 men and 26 women each.  One group did 40 minutes of moderate exercise 4 days a week while the other group did not exercise at all.  Each person kept a food journal to track what and how much they ate and also weighed themselves weekly.  What the researchers found was very interesting…

They found that the people who did not exercise lost and average of 1.2 pounds more than the people who did exercise!  The theory is: exercise increases appetite so much that people end up taking in more calories than they burn each day.  The body is designed to balance the amount of calories in to calories out but when we exercise that throws off this balance and tricks the body into thinking it needs more calories than it really does.

The American Counsel on Exercise says more studies need to be done before this becomes the new standard of weight loss.  This could have a huge effect on the entire fitness industry!  So before you head out the door to bootcamp think about what your weight loss goals are and have a happy April Fools Day! 🙂