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C-Sections and Core Muscles

By March 21, 2011 5 Comments

Hi!  This is Kim, one of Dustin’s contributors!

Before I get started today, I thought I would share a cool link to some very interesting stats on birth and pregnancy.  Click this link to check it out. ->->

Two Hundred and Twelve Point Five………  I will never forget reaching that weight in my doctor’s office towards the end of the pregnancy with my first child.  I will never forget the look on my doctor’s face when he scolded me for not controlling my weight gain!   I had gained a total of 74.5 pounds and set myself up for a hard delivery and recovery.

My pregnancies were all considered high risk and activity was restricted early on.  This seemed to give me the green light to become sedentary and eat what I wanted.  This also led to weakened muscle, excess weight and a terribly out of shape body that was not ready for the rigors of labor and delivery.  I ended up needing an emergency caesarean section with my first daughter.  As you probably know, once you have one c-section, chances are greater you will need another as labor and delivery can become more risky.  I ended up having two more c-sections.

According to Paul Chek, in the book “Eat, Move and Be Healthy”, when doctors cut through the abdominal wall, the muscles are wounded.  When the layers of wounded muscle are sewn back together, scarring, adhesions and dysfunction of the abdominal wall occur.  After the birth of my last child (and my 3rd c-section) my doctor told me my muscles were destroyed from being cut and reconstructed.  It’s kind of like cutting an electrical wire and putting it back together without knowing which wire goes where, the electrical current can’t get through.   With the abdominals, the muscles can’t fire properly.   Weak core muscles can result in poor posture and  back pain.

There is alot of hype right now that c-sections are the way to deliver and that the recovery is easier than natural childbirth.  While I know that there are cases where c-sections can’t be avoided, I believe that our bodies were made to deliver babies naturally and this should be the method of choice when possible.

That being said, I wish I had prepared my body for natural childbirth by keeping as active as I could and controlling how much weight I gained.  I believe being fit and strong prior to and during pregancy may have prevented my need for a c-section.  Dustin’s “Got Core?” and “Fit Moms For Life” dvd series are great tools to get strong before and after pregnancy.