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2011 Fitness Cruise on the Norwegian Pearl

By March 16, 2011 10 Comments

My third annual fitness cruise has just ended, and like the other two, it was so much fun.  There were so many highlights, that it would take too long (and you would probably get bored) to write about, so I will just share a couple of the top highlights.

Here was a video I put together of a bit of the workout.  We worked out 5 mornings at 7 AM, which was 5 AM CST. The video also contains a shameless promotion to join me next year.  I didn’t get paid at all to do this trip, I just love watching others have fun and getting to know people, that is why I would love you to come next year.  I will give you details later this summer.

Enjoy the video!

This year I chose to forgo the official expeditions through the cruise ship and instead find locals to take me around the various islands.  I figured this would be more adventurous and a little cheaper.  The goal on the islands, was to find the least sketchy local trying to get us to come into his car.  Most of the islands didn’t have an official taxi service, so it was just locals looking to make a little extra money.

We went to Samana, Dominican Republic.  This was the most raw and untouristy of all the stops.  In fact it was the last time this ship was stopping there, because of what followed.  We took a small tender boat to the island and was soon surrounded by at least 100 men wanting to drive us around or buy some paintings and jewelry.  After about 10 minutes of saying no and walking away, Abby and I finally decided to go with a guy who had been following us for some blocks.  Once we agreed he passed us off to his driver who unfortunately didn’t speak English.

The kid at the top is ready to jump

The first stop was going to be a waterfall.  We drove through the little town which looked very 3rd world poor.  I had so many questions to ask, but unfortunately couldn’t speak to the driver.  He dropped us off and we were met by our tour guide who walked us the 10 minutes to the waterfall.  The waterfall was nice, but what was on the other side of the waterfall was one of the most amazing parts of the trip.

There was a swimming hole that was up against a nearly vertical cliff that I would estimate to be 50-60 feet high.  It was pretty much sheer except for some small holes in the rock.  There were two kids playing near the water, as soon as the kids saw us, they dove into the pool and pulled themselves up on the rock and began to climb nearly vertical like a monkey.  When they reached what I would estimate to be around 50 feet, they turned around leaned forward and jumped as far away from the rock as they could.  They did this 3 times each and each time they were only about 3 feet from hitting the rocks at the bottom, since they had to clear at least 10 feet of rock in the first place.

The boat

As we were leaving, the boys who were 12 and 16 opened up their hat for money.  They definitely earned that money and I was happy to give them some!

A couple other highlights was the visit to St John’s.  We got off at St Thomas and took a taxi, then a boat, then another taxi to Trunk Bay, which is many times rated as a top 10 beach in the world.  I tried for the first time snorkeling.  A combination of poor swimming skills, a leaky nose piece, and being out in the ocean, I only laster 7 minutes.  But during those 7 minutes I got to see some cool fish and coral and puked up a bunch of sea water.

Tom, Penny, Rose, and Sue

Another cool thing was, while cruising along in the ship, many people were looking over the side of the boat.  I ran over there and saw a huge whale jumping out of the water.  Our group also met and adopted a newlywed couple who was on their honeymoon to be part of our group.  They ate and went on the excursions with us.  Unfortunately we were unable to get them awake to try a bootcamp.  I am going to visit them in California this weekend!

I am sure many of you are wondering what I ate on the cruise.  The answer, pretty much everything. 🙂  Jonathan in the video alluded to my ice cream eating.  Each year on the cruise I see how many ice cream cones I can eat.  (I enjoy making them as much as I do eating them.)  I lost count after about 15, but they also had someone serving ice cream too, so that might have increased the number to close to 25.

I enjoyed trying all of the exotic foods.  I tried to pick things out on the menus that I had never heard of before.  I ate tons of healthy things like salads, fruits, plain yogurt, and lean proteins.  But I also ate all the crap too.  🙂  After 7 days I had gained 6.5 lbs, which means I was eating probably about 6000 calories a day, which sounds about right.

Abby and I

Some will like to hear I ate whatever, and others with think it is hypocritical, I don’t really care either way.  I will spend the next 3 or so weeks getting the weight off, by eating all the good things I had on the cruise, and stopping eating all the crap.

Moral of the story is that ANYONE can get fat if they let themselves.  It is all about the choices you make each and everyday.

I hope you have enjoyed some of my highlights, and I look forward to seeing you next year.