Jenny Before Bootcamp

I would like to share with you a story about a bootcamper who came, not in bad shape.  She was pretty healthy, weight was within normal healthy range and she wasn’t experiencing many negative things with her body.  But like many that come to Fit Fun Bootcamp or do the Fit Moms For Life DVD, they are looking for more.  They aren’t just content with being in decent shape.  They want to see what they are capable of, and through that process learn a lot about themselves.  I would say this describes at least half of the clients that I work with.

I also like Jenny’s story because it shows how changing your body composition, ie gaining muscle and losing fat can really show in the before and after pic. Keep in mind, Jenny only lost 10 lbs, but I bet it is closer to 15-18 lbs of fat loss.  I am proud of you Jenny, keep up the great work!


I started Fit Fun Bootcamp in May 2010 after deciding I had settled for being in “okay” shape for too long. At the time I was pretty active and ate what I considered to be a mostly healthy diet, but I was definitely not pushing myself to be as healthy as possible, even though I did have the time and resources to do so. I realized I really had no excuse for NOT being in excellent shape and determined that I needed to change that. Soon after this realization, I saw Dustin on the local TV morning news and was compelled to check out the website. Reading all the inspiring testimonials is what sold me on trying Bootcamp.

The first class was definitely an eye-opener for me. I learned that I was nowhere near as fit as I’d previously thought—while I could run a mile or two with relative ease, I discovered I couldn’t do a single push-up on my toes, and more than 10- 15 seconds of burpees or mountain climbers made me significantly winded. Even though that first class was very challenging, I didn’t hate it and recognized that it provided the extra intensity and “push” I needed and was looking for.

After completing the first month of Bootcamp, I could see tangible changes in my muscle tone, strength, and overall fitness, but the scale had not budged at all. This was disappointing, as I felt I’d been working really hard. However, I really had not changed my eating habits at all (I’d naively thought I wouldn’t need to). Acknowledging this was likely impeding my progress, I started really paying attention to what I ate and trying my best to eat clean (no refined carbs, a lot fewer processed foods, primarily low-sugar fruits and veggies, and a lot more protein). After just one week of doing this, I lost four pounds! This was the proof and motivation I needed to continue the healthy eating, and by August 1, I had lost 10 pounds and a couple inches from each measurement, and had also gone down about two sizes in clothing.

I continue to see positive changes in my body now, even though my weight has been consistent for awhile. I may not be losing weight, but clothes seem to fit me better and better with each month that passes, and I’ve had to purchase a lot of new clothing since the summer to replace the old stuff that is now too big. Recently I even bought a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of jeggings, two things I certainly would never have purchased prior to doing Bootcamp!

Jenny Now (left)

Jenny currently (left)

I’m most happy about the dramatic improvement I’ve seen in my physical fitness, though. There’s no doubt my strength and stamina have increased significantly,and I am no longer intimidated by physical challenges that previously I may not have even attempted. I’m proud to report that on a recent trip to Hawaii, I was able to complete an intense hike consisting of 1050 steps (the jumping photo is our celebration upon reaching the top) in less than 30 minutes. I was also able to maintain my weight while on vacation for eight days, which I credit to the conditioning and healthy eating habits I’ve acquired from Bootcamp.

Had someone told me at this time last year that I’d soon start a bootcamp class and not only stick with it, but also enjoy it (enough to wish I was able to do it 5 days a week), I would have laughed. However, it’s true! I’m so happy to have found Fit Fun Bootcamp, and I’m grateful to Dustin, Abby, Amber & Ryan for making it enjoyable as well as extremely effective. I am definitely the most healthy I’ve ever been and I’m excited to continue Bootcamp in order to keep working at being the most healthy me I can be!


### Dustin here again.  Here are my top 5 tips to losing the last 10 lbs which are definitely the toughest to get off.

1.  Decrease your carb intake and increase your protein.

2.  Find a support partner that will keep you accountably and encourage you.

3.  Find that little extra and give it each and every workout.  Challenge yourself just a little bit more.

4.  Drink a gallon of water per day and stop drinking, soda, diet soda, juice, sports drinks, energy drinks, or sugared teas.

5.  Get at least 7 hours of sleep to decrease your cortisol levels.

Question of the day: If you have lost your last 10 lbs, how did you do it?