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What It Takes To Get Insane Results

By February 23, 2011 10 Comments

Girls after a sweaty workout

You are in for a treat today.  I was able to pull a couple of Fit Fun Bootcampers off to the side after a workout and have them share with you the attributes of success.  Learning from those who have been successful is one of the quickest ways to getting to where you want to be.  So whether you are looking to lose 100 lbs or gain 10 lbs, this advice is priceless.


Here is some of their advice:

Crystal: Be consistent with your eating, drinking, and exercise.  Surround yourself with positive people.  Share with what you have learned with others.  Click here to check out Crystal’s awesome blog and incredible insights.

Crystal Before

Brandi: Journaling what you are eating, surround yourself with positive people.  Keep water intake high.

Brandi Before

Jennifer: Community of positive people who will push you.  Do today’s work, focus on today.  Get rid of the diet food (lean cuisines), cut out process foods.

Jennifer Before

Vanessa: Strong social support at home with husband.  Consistency, when you mess up, get right back on the wagon.  Structure, plan everything and record your numbers.

Vanessa Before

Elizabeth: Be kind to yourself, and focus on being healthy, don’t be hard on yourself.  Eat more protein.  Be a role model for your kids.

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Question of the day:  What attributes do you find to be successful?