Shelly K, contributor to Dustin's blog

In my last post, I wrote about Why Losing my Driver License was Rewarding, ultimately sharing there was much pleasure in being able to enter a new much lower weight and see a much thinner face in my pic.  I told you in the next post I would tell you how I did it.   Well it started with a wake-up call!

It was late summer of 2009 and I was vacationing with several close friends from grad school and their families on a private resort property in Canada.  It was tradition for 10 brave folks to take the “Island Challenge” – that is paddling a ten person canoe to a private island (maybe 1/4 to 1/2 mile), running the hilly trail route (maybe 1 mile…not sure) and canoeing back, all timed to be recorded in the trip ledger.  The canoeing part went ok, I mean you have 20 arms allworking together, but when the run-time came I petered out after about a minute resorting to walking and a little jogging while the others quickly made it back to the canoe yelling for me to keep going.  Eventually I made it to the canoe and we paddled back, but not before our time ticked past the last year’s Island challenge time thanks to the weakest link – ME!    All because I fell prey to the all too common: get married, work more, turn 30, have kids while omitting health habits of good exercise and eating.

The humbling experience was my wake-up call!  No excuse not to be able to keep up with my peers.  When I returned home, I immediately followed a beginner’s running program culminating in completing my first 5K of my life at the Berbee Derby in Madison in Nov 2009.  I was definately in better shape after only 2 mos, but hadn’t lost much weight.  I had the attidue of I just ran 30 mins, I can pig-out right?!?!?  I continued running into the spring and took a yoga class.  Then took up tennis in June, found that I loved it and was playing 3 days a week.  Finally a sport that really provides a good work out that I LIKE (more than running).  While I continued to feel healthier, I was still missing a couple key components 1) HIIT (high intensity interval training) like that found in Dustin’s MamaTone, Bootcamps and Fit Moms for Life DVDs and 2) Eating healthier.   I started MamaTone in July and quickly embraced a new eating lifestyle after completing Dustin’s 14 Day Fat Flush.  The pounds were shed steadily and my strength has improved considerably.

I’m now at my ideal weight (almost to highschool size), can easily run a 5K, have a sport/hobby I love in tennis, and a wonderful support network and workout program in MamaTone. 

Did you have a wake-up call?  Are you still waiting for it?  Can I help you find it?