A Tribute To Jack LaLanne

By January 26, 2011 8 Comments

Lenore and her husband Sonny About 6 months ago

This past week I lost two people that I admired and cared about. The first was my neighbor Lenore who I grew up next to in MN. She was like another grandma to my siblings and me, and we were some of her only “grandkids” she ever had. She died of pneumonia at the age of 83. Ironically, one of the people I respect more than anyone else, Jack Lalanne died of pneumonia this week at the age of 96.

I have been so touched by Jack throughout the years that I even gave a speech on him in one of my college speech classes. Google his name if you aren’t too familiar with him. But when he was a young boy he was addicted to sugar and junk food and was always sick and in really bad health. In desperation his mom took him to a presentation of a guy who taught on healthy eating. Even though Jack was just a child, he spoke to the man for 90 minutes after the presentation and his life was never the same.

Try this!! Seriously this is ridiculously hard.

Jack inspired millions of people to live a healthier lifestyle. He may have lived healthier than virtually any other human on earth. He exercised 2 hours per day up through age 96. He did unbelievable feats of strength and endurance for each big birthday. He taught that weigh lifting was important even before men or even athletes were lifting! I think I remember him saying that he hasn’t eating a donut or baked good for over 75 years! He was before his time and will be remembered as the “God Father of Fitness.”

Here is a video from about a year ago. I love some of his quotes!

Question of the Day: What are some of your best memories of Jack?