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My Favorite Books That I am Reading Part 1

By January 24, 2011 7 Comments

Books have been a big part of my life for awhile now.  Call me nerdy, I am ok with that.  Growing up I read all of the Box Car Children and many of the Hardy Boy books.  Since then I can’t say I have read much fiction, to the annoyance of my girlfriend who is nearly forcing me to read Harry Potter. (I am sure it is a great series and I would get into it)

One of the reasons that I am so excited about my book that is coming out this summer is knowing that the book will change lives, just like I have been changed by books.  Books are great, but they can only do so much.  Books can help change your mindset, give you a new tool, or provide the information for a short cut, but that is all it can do, it is then up to the person reading to apply that knowledge to actually change their life.

Here are some of the books I have recently read for all areas of my life.

Please ignore the toilet paper above my lip, blew my nose right before and didn’t check myself out in the mirror before filming, I was wondering why my nose kept twitching 🙂

Books that were in this video:

The China Study by T. Colin Campbell

Bounce Back Into Shape After Baby by Caroline Creager

Body For Life by Bill Phillips

How To Raise Children Without Breaking Your Back by Pirie and Herman

The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferris

Tribes by Seth Godin

7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

Unleashing The Ideavirus by Seth Godin

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Question of the Day:  What are some of your favorite books?