CrowdSavings Buns Guns Back and Shoulders DVDs Plus Fit Moms For Life Book

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Discover 12 short 8-15 minute Workouts That Will Target Specific Areas: Buns, Guns, Back, and Shoulders

Do you want arms like Obama?

I am very excited to be releasing my latest workout DVDs. It is a 4 DVD set that has individualized body part workouts, so you can target the areas that need a little extra attention and toning. I have spent the past 8 years coming up with the right combination of exercises to tighten and tone certain areas. These workouts are nothing like you have seen before and after only 8-10 minutes of workouts, your body will be starting the process of toning.

Why did I create Buns/Guns/Shoulders/Back?

Or those or Mrs. Ripa?

Throughout the past 6 years I have received thousands of emails from people around the world asking for advice on how to tone certain parts of their body. I was asked how to tighten the core up so many times, that I put them into two DVDs called Got Core. But I still needed to address the following questions.

-How do I tighten my legs and lift my butt?

-How to I get rid of the underarm “teacher flab?”

-How do I get rid of the bra fat?

-How do I get arms like Kelly Ripa or Michelle Obama? –

-How do I make my thighs smaller?

-How do I get that nice toned line on my shoulders?

-How do I tone my upper body to create an illusion of a smaller waist?

Hence the creation of my latest program. I took all of the most effective exercises that tone these specific areas, and used a technique I call “Super Duper Setting.” Super sets have been around for awhile and they consist of doing two exercises back to back. Many times they are working opposite muscle groups, while other times they are targeting the same muscle groups. (The Fit Moms For Life DVDs use both of these techniques, which are very powerful) I decided to take it a step further and combine 5-8 exercises that targeted the same muscle group, but from different angles and different resistance levels. This forces the body to tone up even faster. That is why the average workout on these DVDs is about 13 minutes.

Here is what you will get:

DVD #1: Buns. There are 4 workouts that focus on the butt and leg region. These workouts take about 15-18 minutes, will make your heart rate soar, and are designed to slim the thighs, thin the calves, and lift and tighten the booty.

DVD #2 Guns. These 4 individual workouts will blast the arms to give you the lean toned sleek look that would make you want to wear a sleeveless shirt or strapless dress. Each workout lasts about 10 minutes, but will leave your arms feeling like they have spent the last hour working out.

DVD #3 Shoulders and Back. These 4 comprehensive workouts, focused on the upper back and shoulder area, will not only improve your posture and make you stand taller, but will also help create the illusion of a smaller waist. These workouts average about 12-15 minutes each.

DVD #4 Interviews. Do you want to know exactly how each of the 4 women you are working out with have made such incredible changes? They share their story and advice to you about what foods to eat, how to workout, and the right mindset for success.

Here is what you get:

4 DVDs

12 Workouts

4 Interviews




You will receive my newly released book Fit Moms For Life: How to Have Endless Energy to Out Play Your Kids


This amazing package is just $119

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