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11 Ways To Get Started Towards Your Journey To Health

By January 16, 2011 One Comment

How do I get started? This is a question I get asked many times from people who have either let themselves go for many years, or others who seem to have tried everything, but can’t stick to anything. Does this sound familiar? I truly believe getting started is the most difficult task (second most difficult is that 4-6 month period when you have began to reach your goals and the motivation to push even further decreases).

Here is what I suggest.

1. Have the end goal in mind. What specific and measurable results do you want to see and in what time period?

2. Visualize everyday how you will feel in your new fit body. Also visualize how bad you would feel if you continue with your unhealthy habits.

3. Realize results aren’t going to come overnight. You didn’t get out of shape overnight, so don’t expect to get back into shape in one week.

4. Understand that there will be setbacks and challenges, but when those roadblocks occur, don’t spend a lot of time moping around, get right back on the plan as soon as possible.

5. Take baseline measurements. I like a pushup test, mile run test, pullups, plank, body fat, and body part measurements. All of these will be able to be retested once a month and seeing the progress can add to the motivation.

6. Enlist an army of supporters. You are going to need to change the environment you put yourself in. To do this, you might need to find fitter and healthier people to hang around and ditch the ones who won’t support your healthy behaviors.

7. Study and research, knowledge is power, well at least applied knowledge is power. There is no one way for everyone, but there are some pretty consistent commonalities. Study the experts and those who have been successful at what you are trying to do and mirror them.

8. Hire a trainer or expert. This one is huge!! A qualified fitness professional can do two things. First they can cut the trial and error time down quite a bit and get you results faster because they have had more experience than yourself and helping people lose weight. Second, they can provide you with accountability to stick with it. When you are paying money, that will increase the commitment factor for most.

9. Include resistance training at least 3 days per week. If you are looking for a great DVD check out my Fit Moms For Life home workout series (it is great for guys to), I give the first month away for just the cost of shipping for you to try out the program.

10. Make sure you are having fun! Exercise is meant to be enjoyable. Work hard and appreciate how your body is changing.

11. Realize that eating right will be 80% of your weight loss success. Don’t think that because you are working out, you can eat whatever you would like. You will be in for a rude awakening.

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