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Why Losing my Driver License was Rewarding

By January 12, 2011 4 Comments


Driver License April 2007

This post is from Shelly K, a contributor to Dustin’s blog.
In December I lost my driver license and subsequently found it, but not before I headed to the DMV for a replacement.  I first went to the DMV website and downloaded the paperwork of which includes the standard hair color, eye color, height and oh yeah WEIGHT, among other.  So what in the series of events unfolding might possibly rewarding?  I mean, isn’t the DMV supposed to have longggg lines and a narrow window of open times?  Aren’t all driver license photos terrible? 
Well, first when I completed the application I was thrilled to be able to enter 105 for weight, note that I am only 5′ 0″. 105!  Wow that’s like what I weighed when I got married almost 10 years ago.   I really didn’t remember what was on the license I had lost, but knew it was a lot higher and probably had fibbed a little on the light side.   Anyway, next I stood for my photo and the very friendly attendant (who I recall taking my picture 4 years ago and is one of the most pleasant gov’t employees ever encountered) assured me, my picture was great and I would be pleased.   But before seeing it I had to wait to be called up to the counter to pass on the application & pay.  I didn’t actually wait too long and the next rewarding experience was the simple facial expression change of the attendant, when he reviewed all the data entry points comparing to those in the system.  A look up, a look down, look up, a look down…..until a surprised look, followed by a backspace, backspace, type, type…..he just realized I lost double digit pounds since my last license.  I was feeling proud.   I returned to the waiting area to await the final product.   Upon receipt, the photographer was not far off, the picture was not too bad.

Driver License Dec 2010

The biggest reward came later in the week when I found my old license.  It was issued almost four years ago (6 months after my second son was bornwith whom I gained over 50 lbs……quick calculation….that’s neraly a 50% increase in “baseline” weight).  The weight on the license: 120 (which probably meant 125).  But even more telling was the fullness of my face….arghhh!  Compare that to the new license….a moment of pride:)    
I’ll blog about how I made my transformation in my next post.  But in the mean time what I hope you can take away is how pictures AND body measurement provide a means to motivate and reward.     

Take pictures in your journey and when you hit milestones, take a look – you’ll be amazed.  Regarding measurements, I WISH I had done this.  It too would be rewarding to see the change in numbers.  Here is a video of Dustin’s that demonstrates how and what to measure to start your measurement log.      

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