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My Word for the Year is…

By January 9, 2011 2 Comments

This post is from Angie, a contributer to Dustin’s blog.

Several recent posts have centered around looking back at 2010 and looking forward to the new year (this blog title refers to the “who are you going to BE post”) . In Dustin’s “lessons learned” post he talks about the importance of asking for help and finding your voice. In “Rudy” he challenges us to see where we are not giving our all and dares us to get out of our comfort zone.

Play along if you would: going to a health club, going to a group fitness class, setting a challenging goal/sharing the goal, bringing a healthy snack to share at work, saying “no” to dessert when everyone else says “yes”, telling others about successes/telling others about struggles, writing a blog/commenting on a blog, keeping a food journal. Alright, what do these things all have in common? They all require that we be “seen”. We are either looking at ourselves, or others are seeing us. Therefore, at the root of all these things may be feelings of vulnerability.

I’ve always thought of vulnerability as a bad thing. After watching Brene Brown’s The Power of Vulnerability, I see it in a whole new light. I am definitely someone that likes to “control and predict” so the automatic negative “what if’s” that follow everything on the list above will not go away instantly. I found the reframing of vulnerability as “necessary”, “the birthplace of joy”, and “what makes us beautiful” pretty empowering though.

The video is long. If you are short on time, the last 5 minutes will give you a good idea of what she is talking about. Besides, this is where she tells us why “we take fat from our butts and put it in our cheeks”!

[youtube X4Qm9cGRub0 nolink]

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