Staying in control while traveling (A LOT!) – Fitness

By January 6, 2011 2 Comments

Hello. My name is Susannah and I have been coming to bootcamp for a about 2 years. I’ve had slow but steady weight loss success and am down 30lbs. One of my constant challenges is that my job requires that I travel, sometimes for long periods of time. This past fall I traveled for 6 weeks straight. Often in different cities either attending a conference, facilitating a training session, or attending meetings. Fitness and food can be a challenge for me and I have to imagine this can be a challenge for others as well. I’d like to share some tips/ideas I’ve been using to help me stay focused on staying fit during these heavy travel times.
– I have an iPhone, so I can bring Dustin with me. His Got Core DVD series is available as an iPhone app. This is a great way to get your core exercises in and you can do this in your hotel room. There are also several other fitness apps out there that can bring some variety to your workout.
– I make sure to stay in a hotel that has a gym, that way there is no excuse! Since coming to bootcamp, I find that my gym workouts are much more fun and creative. The gym is no longer a dreaded place for me.
-If you have a travel buddy, you may just have a workout buddy. I often try and get my travel partners to come and workout with me. Sometimes you learn better as the teacher, so if I have the opportunity I share things that we do in bootcamp with my travel partner/workout buddy to keep things interesting.
-Take the stairs. Hotels, conference centers, airports, and train stations usually have stairs and an escalator. I opt for the stairs just to get that extra bit of exercise in.
-Stand up. I spend long periods of time in meetings or training rooms. I have learned that I need to just stand and stretch at times. Feel free to get up and walk around the room. It’s not really a “workout” but it might just refresh your body and mind so that you can stay focused in your meeting.
-Walk to Dinner. If you have the opportunity to choose where you eat dinner and you can find a place in walking distance, do it. It’s a great way to get out and get some fresh air and get to see the city you are in. I also like the walk after dinner before I head back to the hotel for the night.

Hope this is helpful to others and I’d love to hear your ideas. Next time I’ll talk through my nutrition while I travel. This is an area I have lots of room for improvement!