A New Year, and New Goals

By December 31, 2010 3 Comments

Hi this is Lara. As you probably have already guessed, I did not meet my goal to lose weight by Christmas. (Ok there, I got the hard part out of the way!) I’m not sure what happened, because I went to bootcamp diligently and I did the gluten-free diet, the only thing I can figure is that the gluten-free substitutions that I made just didn’t work for me. Or perhaps foods that I thought would be ok really aren’t.

It has taken me a long time to be able to write this and admit defeat. But regardless of what has happened I am finally ok with it  and I know that failures are just stepping stones to success. I have a new set of goals for 2011 and though it will be much harder for me to quantify these for people I will outline them below and I still welcome you to ask me how it’s going. I appreciate the support I’ve gotten so far, thanks to those that have kept the encouragement coming!

1.  FOOD:  A Gluten-free, whole food diet seems to be the way to go. I had success with it before, and I think that this time I need to be more careful of  which gluten free foods I chose, in addition to not allowing myself the little “cheats” with gluten, at least until enough time has gone by and I have really been able to see the effects. I have read the laundry list of ailments that a GF diet can help alleviate and many of the items really strike a chord with me… joint pain, back pain, skin rashes, fatigue, and weight loss resistance… all of those items affect me. There are many more that I don’t suffer from, fortunately. However the four that I listed could be from gluten and so I am keeping a food journal in addition to logging how I feel every day to see if any of those issues improve. I’m excited to find out!  Another aspect of this “food” goal is to gradually phase my family’s eating to whole foods as well. Many  of the nightly meals I cook for my family are from the fat flush menu plan so my family is eating well those nights, however there are the nights we are busy and I end up giving the kids something overly processed (even if I make myself a salad) so I’m going to change that. (Breaded chicken tenders- GONE!!!) Also I will overhaul the pantry of their snack foods: while we don’t keep candy, chips, donuts, or other sweets in the house,  we could still get rid of the highly processed snack crackers with white flour and switch to organic whole wheat crackers, or have nuts/fruits/cheese as snacks. So not only am I re-vamping my diet but I am going to work on getting the whole family eating a whole foods diet!

2. EXERCISE: I will attend bootcamp regularly and fit in one extra workout per week on my own. Most likely this will be on the weekend, examples of this would be cross-country skiing in winter, biking, swimming or rollerblading in the summer,  jogging with my dog, or maybe a workout video at home.

3. TRACKING PROGRESS: Now I want you to pay attention this last one is important… I am NOT going to weigh myself any more frequently than once a month! The scale is going to get stored in the basement. Yes, my faithful followers have spoken and I have listened! So many of you have commented to me in person or here on the blog that I should not get hung up on what the scale says and I think you are right. If I am constantly focused on the scale I am focusing on the wrong things. Instead I am going to focus on making new healthy habits. How will I measure my progress then? I plan on doing body measurements and… (gulp!) I am going to take some progress photos of myself. I ran across some before, during, and after photos someone did, and she had the same exact camera angle and stood in the same exact position with the same tight workout clothing on so you could really see the transformation of her body. Don’t ask to see the photos any time soon… when I get to my goal body composition then I will upload them! Now unfortunately it won’t be a true ‘before” photo since I have been going to bootcamp since last May… but I still have a long ways to go so there should still be plenty of room to see some body changes. I have resisted doing this for so long because I hate how I look in tight clothing but  I need to do this so that I can see how I’m changing.

So that wraps up my goals. Even though I spent a couple weeks being depressed about failing in front of an audience, I have now been able to step beyond that and learn from the experience. I am going to have success here eventually… just you wait and see!!!