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What I Have Learned in 2010

By December 22, 2010 18 Comments

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Wow what a year 2010 has been.  Looking back on the past year can seem like a blur, but thankfully I have this blog to look back as my journal.  This has been the biggest year of growth for me in my business and as a person.  I feel like this year I have done more and experienced more than all the years past.  I turned 27 this year and so I am sure much of what I have learned, many of you have known for awhile, but hopefully it will help to be reminded again.

I just went back and looked at my post 1 year ago summing up 2009 and looking ahead towards 2010.  It was cool to see how some of my goals for the upcoming year have happened, while others are still in the works.

This post is to help me as much as it is to help you.  Last year I summarized 2009 as being uncomfortable.  Things were exploding so fast and I was being pulled in so many directions and things were so new and at times overwhelming.  This year I feel like I have matured a bit and gained valuable experience running a business that has 9 people working for me, and making sure my 2500 plus paying customers/clients are getting the results and treatment they deserve.  This year I have learned more than ever a few valuable lessons.

1.  Guard your time.  I have said “no” more this year than any year before.  I have realized in order to do great things, I have to turn down many good opportunities.  If someone is asking you to do something that will limit your ability to be the best in all areas of your life, it is ok to say no, that is NOT being selfish and you don’t have to justify or explain your reasoning.

2.  Study those who have done what you want to do.  Success leaves trails and if you are serious about getting results in certain areas of your life, you should find out how others have done it.  If you are wanting a physical transformation, click here to read about 30 or so of my clients as they share just how they did it and what they ate, how they exercised, and how their mindset was.  I have hired the best coaches in the world to teach me how to more effectively help more people and create more value in people’s lives.  I believe this is why over the past 3 years my programs have quadrupled while many gyms and trainers have shut down and quit.

3.  Investing in yourself returns the greatest ROI (return on investment).  Our mind is the greatest asset we have and what we know, or don’t know determines much of our success in life.  Those that you want to emulate and be like, just happen to know more about a specific topic that you do.  I have committed to not be a “know it all,” but instead, “a learn it all.”  I try to invest 2 hours per day in learning.  Some of the topics I study include, nutrition, exercise, psychology, behavior change, business, igniting movements, being a leader, time management, and different Spiritual topics.  On top of that I have spent over $20,000 this year hiring coaches, buying products, and going to conferences.  I have also found by spending that money, it makes me want to work even hard and APPLY what I am learning so I don’t feel like I wasted all that money.  I have invested a lot in my brain and is the reason why I now wear a bike helmet when I go sledding. 🙂

4.  Think outside of the box.  There is a saying that goes something like, “when you find yourself doing what the masses are doing, you better turn and run the other direction.”  This goes for pretty much any area in life.  I believe when we are blazing our own trail and not thinking like the masses, that is when greatness happens and that is when we are the most fulfilled.  I can promise you the masses are living comfortable lives in their safety bubble.  My question to you: where in your life have you been following the crowd when you know you should be doing the opposite.

5.  Give people permission to be empowered.  This year I have learned that most people want to do great things, it is fear that is holding them back.  Thoughts of “I don’t know enough about this topic to help others,” clouds their ability do make a difference.  Since my mission is to help a million moms by the end of 2015, I know I can’t do it on my own.  I need to help a certain amount of people get amazing results, believe in themselves, educate them, and empower them.  Once that happens they can now be a beacon of hope for everyone around them who are struggling with their fitness.  That is why I believe so strongly in having moms who believe in the mission be the voices and organizers for Fit Moms For Life groups in their communities.  This is also why I decided to open my blog up to regular contributors.  I wanted to give them a voice and a platform to speak from, we all have amazing knowledge and wisdom and it is our obligation to share that with anyone who will listen.

6.  Realize you can’t make everyone happy.  As you put yourself out there more and stand for something, you are going to have haters come along and try to tear you down.  For example you might start Fit Fun Bootcamps, and begin to see results and start to look and feel better.  Your “friends” or family who feel threatened by your success might start saying things like, “do you know how much money you are spending?” or “you have tried other programs in the past and you quite after a month and never saw results.”  You must ignore them and find some people who will encourage you.  I have learned to get thick skin by the hate email and occasional comments I get on my blog.

7.  Likeminded community is more powerful than I ever realized.  After interviewing 25 of my clients who have lost incredible amounts of weight I asked what separated my program from every other program.  24 out of the 25 said it was the amazing community of like minded, positive, and supportive people that we have in our groups.  You must find or create a group like this in your community that will keep you accountable and on track with your goals.

Just to be real honest, it can be tough as a business owner because most people don’t have to go through similar challenges and it can feel alone and isolated sometimes.  Sometimes I feel like nobody gets it.  That is why joining groups such as my mentorship program is so awesome because I am surrounded by other trainers who are dealing with the same problems.  For example, if you have struggled with an eating disorder for a long time and feel frustrated that people just don’t get why it is a struggle, I encourage you to find a group of people who are all struggling with the same problem or who have overcome it already.  One caution though, make sure these groups are trying to move forward and work towards solutions, rather than just complaining about their problems.

8.   The human body is one of the most amazing and fascinating things around.  This year I feel even more comfortable in my training abilities and how far I can push my clients and still do it safely.  Myself and my clients have been shocked by just how far they can push their bodies, and just how strong, fit, and lean they can become.  The mind is amazing, and when the mind gives the body permission to push past the comfort level, magic happens.  Overcoming limiting beliefs about ones fitness level is very powerful and has brought some of my clients to tears.  A common thing I hear is something like, “I can’t believe I just ran on the treadmill at 12 MPH for 30 seconds.  I never considered myself athletic, I always was a little chubby, and hated gym class.  I just can’t believe I can do this!”  Another common one I hear is, “I thought as a woman I wasn’t suppose to or shouldn’t be able to do pushups on my toes… I should just do them on my knees.  I can’t believe now I can do 50 perfect pushups on my toes and kill my husband in a pushup contest.”

9.  Ask for help.  Last year I felt like I was spread so thin and couldn’t be the best at anything, this year I have asked for helped and have been able to become more centered and focused.  It was tough on my ego to do so, but it was one of the best things I did.  So often I see a mom overwhelmed and struggling in life.  She is trying to juggle the kids, a 40 hour job, housework, and her health.  I can usually spot these moms right away and I ask them if they have talked about this to their husbands and asked for help.  Most say no, because their husbands have enough going on at work.  There are times when you need to rely and ask for help from your family and friends.  Asking for help isn’t a sign of being weak, it is a sign of being human.

10.  Have fun.  Life is too short to be obsessed about losing the last 2 lbs, or worrying about what others are thinking, or complaining about the government.  Take time each day to have fun, clear your mind of all stress from the day, laugh a lot, be goofy, try something new, don’t take yourself too seriously, and get others to smile.  I think if you do those things your life will be much happier.

11.  Find your voice.  This goes with some of the above points, but we all have a message to share, don’t be afraid to share it.  If you had the cure for cancer and didn’t tell anyone, do you think that would be ok?  Probably not.  This website has all the knowledge and information it takes to become the healthiest, fittest, and happiest you.  You hold the secrets, now it is your time to share it with others.      T. Harv Eker says, “Part of your mission in life then must be to share your gifts with as many people as possible. That means being willing to play big.”

I hope you have enjoyed this year as much as I have and learned a lot about yourself and life.  Thank you for being a reader of this blog and sharing your knowledge with others.  Very shortly I will write about my plans for 2011 and how you can play a big role.

Question of the day:  What in 2010 did you learn about yourself?  Please share in the comments below.