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Healthy Gift Ideas

By December 16, 2010 2 Comments

Post from Carrie, contributor to

As I was preparing dinner tonight I recalled the recipe I was using was part of a thoughtful gift. Years ago, a good friend of mine gave me a gift of a recipe box filled with healthy recipes. In the spirit of the season, today’s blog is a collection of healthy gift ideas. There are ideas for all price ranges…some ideas you may have already seen before, but hopefully there will be a few fresh ideas, too.

– Package all the dry/canned/boxed ingredients for a recipe along with the recipe itself. All the recipient needs to do is provide the fresh and/or liquid ingredients and prepare. This idea is great for things likes soups or baked goods.

– A magazine subsription to a fitness, health, or cooking periodical.

– A cooking class. Do an online search for classes in your area. Local technical colleges often have course offerings, too.

– Give a favorite family recipe a healthy makeover. Prepare the dish and provide the new and improved recipe to the recipient. This Pumpkin Pie recipe from another contributor is a great example.

– Make a scrapbook of favorite recipes with pictures of the dishes. If you have them, also include pictures of you and/or the recipient preparing the dishes.

– A co-op membership.

– A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box.

– For the tech-lover: mobile apps. Another contributor has put together some great health and fitness related mobile app. suggestions.

– New fitness equipment or DVDs. Dustin’s Fit Moms for Life, Ultimate Buddy Bootcamp, Buns,Guns, Shoulders, and Back, or Got Core are great programs at an affordable price.

– A health club membership.

– For the runner: Nike Plus or a Garmin watch. These devices are worn during a run and depending upon the gadget provide a breakdown of all the stats during and/or after that run. There are also “cross trainer” options that can be added so biking stats can be monitored in the same fashion.

– Nutrition classes.

РAnd finally, a recipe box or book  already full of tasty, healthy recipes.  Include some of your own favorites to make it even more personal.

Happy healthy-gift giving!!